Covid-19, Broadcast Media Round Up

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Broadcast Media Round Up

BBC Coronavirus, ITV Health, The Guardian - Covid-19, The Daily Mirror - Coronavirus, NewsNow [very up-to-date], The Daily Mail and The Huffington Post.

BBC Coronavirus

  • Sat 21st. March. The BBC announce that worldwide, the confirmed cases pass 275,000; more than 11,000 people have died; with nearly 90,000 recovered, that's roughly 4% fatalities.
  • At the time of the BBC's 'Click' program recording, for Covid-19 worldwide there were 93,455 infected, 3,198 deaths and 50,743 recovered infected people. The BBC points out that you can be re-infected but fatalities are about 4% of the total infections and recoveries are 54%. Deaths from flu are 8-16%, twice that of Covid-19.

Ed. I include this flu figure from data available from The World Health Organization, WHO. They state that 'influenza is one of the most prevalent vaccine-preventable diseases. Every year it causes an estimated 3 million cases of illness and from 250,000 to 500,000 deaths throughout the world'. That's 8.3% and 16.6%.

  • A Covid-19 vaccine? The BBC postulates...

Independent Television News

  • Welsh doctor designs ventilator that could save the lives of thousands of coronavirus patients

International News includes Time Covid-19 and National Geographic Covid-19

  • Better news for our grandchildren from Time magazine, although there are now several cases of youngsters who have suffered from associated conditions and who have also died from Covid-19. 'More than 8,000 people worldwide have been infected, and 171 have been killed, by a novel coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China last month. But early research out of Wuhan suggests one group has been largely spared by the contagious disease: young children.'
  • National Geographic Science has a lengthy (11 minutes read) explanation of why Covid-19 is dangerous. Although, in the long run, Influenza is much more likely to kill you, Covid-19 is changing and could mutate into more dangerous virus as it spreads quickly around the world.
Covid-19, by PopulationAdvice & General InformationGood News Zone