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Latest: There are presently Six Covid-19 virus types and BELOW are ALL the CURRENT symptoms.

6 variants of the virus with symptoms

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1. Prof. Peter Piot infected6 Distinct TypesUK [0.065%] tops All schools in Wales update
2. Prof. Nevan Kroganhidden immunityWales R rateThe end of the beginning
3. Connor BamfordCovid-19 antibodyUS deathsBreathing Aid
4. Captain Tom, 100DexamethasoneAugust predictionVentilators
5. Dr Rhys ThomasSurfaces & SoapCare Homes deathsWales households join
6. Professor Bill KeevilVitamin DWales finesDr Rhys Thomas CPAP
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Wales' Headlines

  • If you've had Covid-19, be aware that 20% suffer from sepsis within 12 months.
  • 1,578 people in Wales have died!
  • Wales deaths; the end in sight? See the Welsh pandemic to the right.
  • The R (how fast Covid-19 is ​reproducing) rate in Wales is down from 0.8 to 0.7! [Courtesy BBC Wales TODAY] For More info on go to,~Numbers~.
  • Over £100,000 has been handed out to NHS charities across the country - including to one linked with a Welsh health board. This donation from the £20m raised by Captain Sir Tom Moore.



  • Had Covid-19 and recovered? Yes! Check out sepsis, there could be a serious problem in the next 12 months.
  • We've been told to wash our hands very carefully, to protect us from Covid-19. If you've wondered why National Governments repeat this endlessly there's a very good reason. It's the SOAP. Yes, really! Good old soap. What does soap do? It moves Covid-19 down your drain. Soap has been around for at least 4000 years and the BBC have been getting their hands dirty to uncover the history of this life saving substance, here's a Short Soapy Synopsis. If you want to know what are its germ-fighting superpowers, then listen [34 mins] to how SOAP DEFEATS Covid-19. [Courtesy BBC Sounds]
  • Antibody cocktail shows promise in fight against Covid-19. [Courtesy Medical News Today] ~Medical~
  • The people with hidden immunity!~Medical~
  • At least 8 large scale coronavirus vaccine trials are expected to take place in the UK. And the UK has done deals on 190 million 'promising vaccines'.~Medical~ [Courtesy BBC]
  • Southampton company announces successful trial of a very helpful treatment using their version of interferon, interferon beta. ~Medical~
  • Listen to this heart warming BBC World Service program. The online heroes of the coronavirus pandemic. [Courtesy BBC Sounds]
  • Brazil has over 2,000,000 confirmed cases.
  • Scientists to trial Covid-19 antibody treatment on humans next month in hope it will instantly protect the elderly against the virus.[Courtesy DailyMail]
  • After a weekend of under-reporting, the Celtic countries come clean with a graph showing triple zero deaths; possibly zeroes. Covid-19 by Population
  • Males, the stronger sex. Females, the genetically superior sex.~Medical~
  • One reason why Covid-19 is so prolific is that it's ghoulish. Human cells show zombie qualities!~Medical~
  • America was never in complete lockdown; at best, half of its population ignored it. [Courtesy Daily Mail]~Society~
  • We are supposed to believe in the Good Common Sense of the UK's population. So keep alert and don't drink to much in the pub! That should work, shouldn't it... See the next item and ~Society~.
  • Do you wonder what a little sensible drink on a rainy day in England did for social distancing.[Courtesy BBC]
  • 'When America sneezes the UK catches pneumonia'. See ~Society~
  • Prof. Peter Piot, Director of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, who escaped Ebola and helped defeat AIDS - caught Covid-19. He describes the virus as not being a respiratory disease but one that attacks every cell in the body.

What about this new catchy trio,


  • It makes more sense! I've just got tired of staying alert.
  • According to the UK's U3A sites managers, our Cowbridge Covid-19 site is in May's most popular sites. If you added our sub Covid sites to the total visits we would be in the top 5.
  • If the doctors had known they could have saved up to 1 third [28%] of lost lives on ventilators and 1 fifth [20%] of those on oxygen. Known what? Click ~Medical~.
  • Relatives of 450 people who have died in the coronavirus pandemic are demanding an immediate public inquiry. They have formed The Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice UK group.~People~[Courtesy BBC News]
  • As you probably know the U3A does not offer Religious or Political views. I mention this because while the following links, connect to the Most Respected News Sources dealing with Covid-19, they may also express political views associated with Covid-19 that the U3A do not associate itself with. The links below are the Covid-19 sections of:-
  • Digging around for useful info about surfaces and viruses, I found this. I have no reason to doubt this about Copper. So go to ~Medical~ and make up your own mind.
  • As we are all staying indoors, it is more likely that we have less Vitamin D; which is produced by a limited exposure to sunlight. While there is no evidence that Vitamin D reduces the risk of catching or getting ill with covid-19, experts DO think that it may have benefits during the pandemic. Vitamin D supplements will improve the health of people who are deficient. Read more in the ~Medical~ section below.
  • Blood analysis of severely ill patients have discovered that victims' T cells crash to very low levels. ~Medical~
  • Covid-19 deaths are in decline, at present. Northern Ireland leads the way. ~Numbers~
  • What is Kawasaki disease? Look in ~Medical~.
  • Toddlers in the UK, Europe & USA appear to be prone to a rare inflammatory disease linked to Covid-19. ~Medical~
  • Big computers can be programmed to predict outcomes. A Washington US university, asked its big computer to predict the day when some countries will have their last day of Covid-19 deaths. ~Numbers~
  • We knew this! But ONS confirms that older people have a greater risk of dying from Covid-19. ONS figures are shown on the red barred graph to the right. [Courtesy Office for National Statistics]
  • LSE Report says deaths in Care Homes are likely to be close to 20,000.
  • 10,636 deaths involving COVID-19 occurred in England's care homes. [Courtesy ONS] ~Numbers~
  • There are over 4,000 who have died in care homes. ~Numbers~
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