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Cummings World

  • Cummings & Not Goings (known as not sackcummmings on Twitter), not Going, not Gone! It's not the Comings & Goings that's SO wrong, it's the judgement of a powerful man who has the ear of the PM. Suffering from Covid-19 symptoms and packed a [probable] load of disease in a car and drove across the UK, refuelling in public garages, to take it to his vulnerable aged parents home. British press have revealed that they have proof that he went on another long journey North without the excuse of protecting his family. Cavalier or what?
  • Cummings and pandemic update! You have to read one of the many addenda of the clear and simple instructions from the Government to do exactly what you want to; it helps if you drafted the document of course. We're all in this together. Yes it's All For One and One for Cummings! + Boris. What we're in serious danger of losing is Trust in the Government.
  • It doesn't take a genius to coin Dominic's short, pithy phrases that stick in the mind. 'Get Brexit done!' & 'Vote Leave' comes to mind. It also doesn't take a clever man to confront senior ministers to get his own way. Cummings is not a Tory nor does he have any other political leanings. According to a Reuters report, he's an archetypal rebel. I’ve never been a party person. I’m not Tory (Conservative), libertarian, ‘populist’ or anything else. I follow projects I think are worthwhile, Cummings wrote of himself on his blog in early 2017. The problem for the Tories is that he's Boris' friend and a liability.
  • The Press will hound Cummings and Boris' popularity will suffer. Not wanting to lose face in Parliament to Sir Keir Starmer and not wanting to lose his friend Cummings, Boris will probably ignore the facts he doesn't like and plough on. Fine if you want to get Brexit done, not so good when people's lives are on the line.

End of Cummings World


  • Blood analysis of severely ill patients have discovered that victims' T cells crash to very low levels. It is thought that these deficits are created by Covid, and are treatable. The replenishment of the relevant T cells will improve the body's defences. Unlike the vaccines that are many months away, this immune cell treatment can be quickly tested and easily produced; the hope is that it will lower the mortality of patients in intensive care. [Courtesy BBC]
  • Covid-19 deaths are in decline, at present.
  • The Government wants us all to 'Be Alert', but do not say alert for what? Perhaps it's to be alert to meaningless rhetoric from No.10!
  • Have you seen the latest Prime Minister's Question Time? [usually on BBC1 on Wednesdays] I've put the link to the BBC iPlayer here. It's changed from the rowdy bawling chamber where the PM didn't answer the question put to him and the howling of the Government supporters drowned out everyone, to a forensic interrogation by the Opposition Leader [a QC by trade] of the stand alone PM, who looks forlornly around for his noisy gang. Not to lose face Boris would not allow a change to the taxing of foreign NHS workers we all clap on a Thursday. Subsequently, after his absent backbenchers showed their displeasure he's acquiesced and quietly stopped the tax. The Leader of the House could see that this kind of defeat could not be allowed and has called for MPs to return to support the PM in the chamber. If he gets his way, there will be a spike in Covid-19 figures for MPs. Power politics appears to be more important than MPs lives. [Courtesy BBC]

Wales' Headlines

  • 1,267 people in Wales have died!
  • More than £20m raised by Captain Tom Moore, soon to be Sir Tom, has been handed out to NHS charities across the country - including over £100,000 to one linked with a Welsh health board.

Latest News

  • Reuters report that a llama called Winter could prove useful in the hunt for a treatment for COVID-19, according to U.S. and Belgian scientists who have identified a tiny particle that appears to block the new coronavirus. Apparently llama's have been used to find a treatment for 2 other coronaviruses, SARS & MERS.
  • I thought Kawasaki disease was something to do with a motorbike, BUT NO it's a dangerous offshoot from Covid-19 that effects Toddlers sometimes fatally! Symptoms include a high fever, rash, red eyes, swelling and general pain.
  • Toddlers in the UK, Europe & USA appear to be prone to a rare inflammatory disease linked to Covid-19. See ~People~ below.
  • Big computers can be programmed to predict outcomes. This US university, has a health research center at the University of Washington called IHME. It asked its big computer to predict the day when some countries will have their last day of Covid-19 deaths. It predicts July 31st for the UK! One wonders what the margins of error have been used in these computations.
  • We knew this! But ONS confirms that older people have a greater risk of dying from Covid-19. ONS figures are shown on the red barred graph to the right. [Office for National Statistics]
  • LSE Report says deaths in Care Homes are likely to be close to 20,000.
  • There's not a lot to smile about Covid-19, but this is certainly one! Enjoy!
  • There are over 4,000 who have died in care homes. ~Numbers~


  • Toddlers in the UK, Europe & USA appear to be prone to a rare inflammatory disease linked to Covid-19. At present, up to 100 in the UK have suffered from the potentially dangerous condition. It is likely to be caused by a delayed immune response to Covid-19.
  • A young person is far less likely to die after contracting Covid-19. Some are, and it's their own immune system that goes into overdrive that can be the cause.
  • Captain Tom, 99, soon to be Sir Tom raised millions with a long walk in his UK garden. He was just bedding in his new hip and recovering from Cancer. TOTAL RESPECT !
  • Dr Rhys Thomas has got UK approval for his novel emergency ventilator. The majority of patients won't need intensive care if they are treated with ventilator first, thereby releasing standard ventilators for more serious cases.


  • Light at the end of a very dark Tunnel. To paraphrase Winston Churchill, 'It is, perhaps the end of the beginning.' The FT has produced proof that deaths in most countries in the world have started to level out. Hopefully those deaths will follow China and decrease. If we can all keep our nerve that is... as the US and England are still climbing steeply.


  • Often used and mis-used, what does R0 mean? A fuller explanation is available by clicking on the following link, but simply put, R0 is a variable used to show how a disease is Reproducing in a population.
  • LSE Report says deaths in Care Homes are likely to be nearly 20,000.
  • The National Care Forum (NCF) estimates that more than 4,000 elderly and disabled people have died across all residential and nursing homes.
  • The USA overtakes Italy and England overtakes Italy to claim 1st and 2nd worst record of deaths around the world.


  • For a quick symptoms check, use the pictures below.


  • A breathing aid made by a consortium including Mercedes F1 has been created in under a week. [Courtesy BBC]
  • Ventilators that could save thousands of lives are being made in Carmarthenshire.


  • Businesses in Wales will get the same access to financial help announced by the Chancellor. The package gives a holiday from business rates for a year.


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