Coventry Sherbourne


Monthly general meetings take place on the first Thursday of every month. We have put together an exciting programme of talks which we believe you will find varied and entertaining.

We ask that you show care in your contact with others and respect their personal space. Be aware that people have differing health issues and respect the views of those who wish to exercise more caution. The guidance that we’ve put in place for everyone’s safety and peace of mind are:

-Most importantly - If you have symptoms of a respiratory infection, such as Covid-19, and you have a high temperature or have become generally unwell over recent days, please do not take part in our activities.

-The expectation is that you do not take part in our indoor activities unless you have received your Covid-19 vaccinations. Not only will this offer you protection against more serious Covid infection, but it will also reduce the risk of transmission to others.

-The wearing of facemasks at indoor meetings is optional.

-Hand sanitiser should be used when entering a meeting and whenever else it is appropriate.
Please bring the correct change for the general meeting entrance fee (£1) to speed things up and avoid congestion.

-We will maximize ventilation of the meeting space with fresh air, as far as it is feasible.

-Activity sign-up sheets will be spread out on side tables at the monthly general meetings to avoid crowding and you are asked to use hand sanitiser before touching the sheets or pens belonging to someone else.

-When attending interest group meetings, it is expected that the rules of the venue are followed and where the meeting is in a private home, it is for the host to set the rules so that they and their guests feel safe.

A range of activity groups are offered, a few of which are Zoom based and we publish a monthly newsletter with a diary of upcoming events. Details of activities and dates are shown on this website.

If any members have changed any of their registration details please inform John Karabinas, our Membership Secretary, by emailing him via our contacts page.

If you know of any member who is sick or in hospital please contact a member of the committee.