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For a General Enquiry just click here to contact us. Or use the tab above.

  • Currently our Monthly Open Meetings are being held online by Zoom. Members who have expressed interest in attending these are sent links to the meeting each month. If you do not receive these invitations but would like to please email our Business Secretary, Pam Campbell, on so your name can be added to the list.

We hope to commence physical Open Meetings in July with a Garden Party at the Three Wheat Heads, Thropton, and meetings at the Jubilee Hall, Rothbury, from September onwards. Please see the Events page for this year’s full programme.

  • The Creative Writing Group has posted a new contribution on a sub-page to its webpage on this website. Check it out.
  • Photography and the Word and Pictures Groups are functioning again using Zoom. You can’t keep a good Group down!
  • Details of help available in Coquetdale are available in the on-line version of Over the Bridges. The magazine is still updating its on-line edition but it is not easy to navigate and you cannot go directly to its information page. This may help:-

1. Click on this link: Over the Bridges

2. Click on the little red icon on the Front page

3. Then click on the latest edition: Mar/April. This uploads the whole magazine.

4. The information page changes; at the time of writing it is on page 32.

It will be invaluable to us if it is kept up to date.

  • Keep Calm and Carry on. Nordic Walking Group is doing just this, see their webpage by clicking Groups above.
  • See the Group Pages of the Veggie & Vegan, and The Food and Drink group who have posted recipes on their pages, for creation and comment. Discussion Group is revisiting the Elgin Marbles debate; see their webpage. Any other Group ideas?
  • We hold a meeting for all members in the Jubilee Institute normally on every 3rd Monday in the month when we have a presentation of general interest. This is an opportunity to have a “taster”, you will be very welcome

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Perhaps you would like to become a member. The subscription is reduced this year to only £10. You will be very welcome. You can make enquiries just by clicking here: Membership enquiry . If you are decided you can receive a Membership application form by clicking Join Coquetdale U3A and send a request.
Alternatively a Membership Application Form is downloadable by clicking applicationform2021tomarch2022 here.

Contact us for any further details by clicking the "Contact" tab above, or you can go direct to Group Leaders via the Group tab. Our leaflet Our leaflet page 2
Coquetdale U3A is part of the family of Universities of the Third Age, and it covers the whole of Upper Coquetdale, but is generally centred on Rothbury.

U3As are self-help, self managed lifelong learning co-operatives for older people no longer in full time work providing opportunities for their members to share learning experiences in wide range of interest groups and to pursue learning not for qualification but for fun. To see Coquetdale's click on the "Groups" tab above. You will then be able to click on the Groups of your choice to open up the relevant page.


To offer wide and varied activities and contacts.
To widen knowledge experiences, skills, activites, social contacts and friendships.
To develop self-confidence, raise self esteem, improve health,
enhance one's quality of life and to help others do the same.
To give the opportunity of learning something new and realizing a
dream or ambition.
And most importantly - to enjoy the experience!

Read more from U3A booklet (click here)

We were launched in September 2010 but we already have 25 groups and we are still growing. Members have also expressed interest in a number of additional subjects and as a result new group leaders are welcome to share their knowledge and experience.

This is your website; if you want to describe what a good time you are having or you want to put a photograph in the "Gallery" or your group page send the Webmaster a message by clicking on the "Contact" button above. Constructive comments will also be welcome.

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