Social Activities and Visits: Pete Burrow Convenor

Revised dates:
WE WILL ROCK YOU - Theatre Royal now August 24th 2022
BOOK OF MORMON - Theatre Royal now September 15th 2021
SIMON and GARFUNKLE SHOW - Alnwick Playhouse now October 20th 2021
KATE FOX at the Alnwick Playhouse is to be re-scheduled for 2021 but there is no confirmed date yet.
FEAST OF FIDDLES - Alnwick Playhouse now April 9th 2022
NUTCRACKER - Matthew Bourne’s production April 5th 2022

23rd February 2021. Another one bites the dust! A few days after informing some of you that 'Feast of Fiddles' was postponed, I have now been informed by the Theatre Royal that "We Will Rock You' has again been postponed. It was re-scheduled for this summer but has now been put back until Wednesday 24th August 2022.

17th February. Hello. I hope everybody is as well as they can be in present circumstances. You may remember, in the distant past, that you. and in some cases your spouse, booked to see Feast of Fiddles at the Alnwick Playhouse. Last years show was postponed until April 2021 and you will not be surprised to be informed that it has been postponed again. The new date is Saturday April 9th 2022. I will keep you informed nearer the time but the one positive is that we have 14 months to look forward to a great show! There is no need to reply to this message as much can change in that time and no final decisions about attending need to be made at this stage. Take care of yourselves. Pete Burrow.

16th November 2020. If you booked tickets for 'We Will Rock You' I will have already informed you that it had been postponed from this summer until March 2021. I have now been informed by the Theatre Royal that it has now been re-scheduled yet again and the new date is now Wednesday 25th August 2021. In some ways this is a relief as members may, very justifiably, have been concerned with going to the Theatre Royal in the spring but hopefully things will have improved considerably by the summer. There is always the possibility that some of you could still not be confident by then and, if so, I am happy for you to cancel your booking at a later stage. Also some of you have paid the full cost of the ticket and some of you only the deposit. I don't intend resolving these issues at this stage as things could change yet again and I will obviously contact you all again about this, probably in early summer when things may be clearer. There is no need to acknowledge receipt of this email but put August 25th into your diary and keep fingers crossed! Best wishes. Pete Burrow.

30th May 2020.
Further visits are being planned for Alnwick Playhouse after the completion of the major refurbishment . Also for now, probably 2021, a possible visit to Jupiter Artland and Paxton House Chamber Music festival may be also possible in July, which is free.

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