New shoots

This page is for our Groups that have flourished but the roots are dormant awaiting some TLC when new shoots will surely rise. Here is some information about such Groups. If you feel able to act as a convenor make your self known and you will be given the maximum support.

The unique aim of this Group was to promote the game of bridge in a friendly, sociable atmosphere that encourages the exchange of ideas, knowledge and skills.
To this end: l. No scoring. 2. No regular partnerships. 3. Conversation and laughter are encouraged.
Meetings were previously held between 2 and 5 o'clock on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month.

We suffered the great loss of our Group Leader, Alan Fendley so we have held the Group in abeyance. Alan gave us really interesting sessions and the Group had a strong following. We hope to re-establish the Group in the near future.

Natural History
This was a really popular group, but our excellent convenor found that his other commitments had overwelmed him. The person that re-convenes this group will be rewarded by a great following around our wonderful Coquetdale.

Pub lunchesShort walks.

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