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We offer:
• monthly meetings with a quality speaker on wide ranging topics
• a variety of interest groups (click on the Groups tab above for details)
• social activities

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The U3A NATIONAL lockdown Choir and Photographs on Facebook. Click to access.

View Minutes of AGM by clicking link on sidebar.

4597 visits to this Website Pages.
For the first time ever the visits to this Website and its pages are displayed by clicking on the thumbnail in the left hand margin. You will see in detail how much each Webpage is valued. It is amazing in this lockdown period how many people have been searching for what we are still dong. To wit this morning we have courtesy of Zoom had our speaker from South Africa(!) sailed us across the Atlantic. Any comments?

Prof. Hugh Pennington We normally hold a meeting for all members in the Jubilee Institute on every 3rd Monday in the month when we have a presentation of general interest. This is an opportunity to have a “taster”, you will be very welcome. From last Christmas all our Monthly Meetings have been via Zoom which have been very successful. If you would like to join our meetings click on the following Link and make this known to us. Membership enquiry
Our speaker in February proved to be a real coup, Professor Hugh Pennington Emeritus Professor of bacteriology at Aberdeen University and frequent commentator on the handling of the Covid 19 virus. Wikipedia profile of Prof. Pennington.
He lived up to expectations and we had a virtual Zoom attendance of 60 members. Check out our Events page to see our upcoming Monthly meetings.
Rosie and Graham Stacy Learning from experience we held the second of our virtual Monthly Meetings via Zoom (18/01/21). We had an attendance of 40 members which worked very well thanks to the guidance of Pam Campbell. We had first class entertainment by folk duo Rosie and Graham Stacy. Angus Armstrong.set the scene with a Geordie perfect poem composed by a well known family member.

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(Full stories below under NEWS ITEMS)

1 Monthly Meetings
2 Lock Down Log. See new u3a blog.
3 What’s new. Our new Committee as at April 2021. What has Karenza Storey been up to with King Lear. What’s trending? Website news National Newsletter? New Groups in hand. Another change to on-line Membership. Our Quiz on line 14th December.
4Comprehensive Computing Guides.
5 Your 5 x per annum National Magazine, Winter edition has now been received 16th November 2020, details below.
6 “Messenger” `October edition click on this link to get all the up to date regional U3A information. See below for the contents. Why not contribute.
7 New Group. Digital Imaging. Poster of full details in sidebar.
8 Weird Stone of Coquetdale.



1.Monthly Meetings. See events tab above.
Future Monthly Meetings to be confirmed.
April 2022 AGM;   May 2022; Annie Lloyd "the work of the CPRE (campaign for the preservation of rural England); June 2022 Clive Wilkinson "Rhodesia --  the unilateral declaration of independence in the 1960s";  July 2022 a garden party. 

2.. Lock down Log

An interesting initiative reported during lockdown has been u3a radio podcast. This has been running from September and features news from across the movement as well stories from Members. You can hear the podcast by clicking on this link to our our YouTube channel (“Highly recommended”. Webmaster)

It is worth looking on the Music Appreciation page to see how much iniative they have shown. They are a shining example of how to use Zoom to the maximum.

The Creative Writing Group has posted a new contribution on a sub-page to its webpage on this website. Check it out.

Photography and the Word and Pictures Groups are functioning again using Zoom. You can’t keep a good Group down!

Details of help available in Coquetdale is available in the on line version of Over the Bridges check the extract in the right hand column. Click to enlarge.

Over the Bridges is still up-dating its on line edition, but I am aware that it is not easy to navigate and you cannot go directly to its information page. This may help:-

1. Go to

2. Click on little red icon on the Front page

3. All you need is to click on the latest edition; July and August. This unloads the whole magazine.

4. The information page changes, at the time of writing it is on page 32.

It will be invaluable to us if it is kept up to date.

Keep Calm and Carry on. Nordic Walking Group is doing just this, see their webpage by clicking Groups above.
See the Group Pages of the Veggie & Vegan, and The Food and Drink group who have posted recipes on their pages, for creation and comment. Discussion Group is revisiting the Elgin Marbles debate; see their webpage. Any other Group ideas?

3. What's New.

Our new Committee as at April 2021.

Tony Henry Chair
Pamela Campbell Business Secretary and Vice Chair
Lesley Patterson Treasurer
Averil Fendley Membership Secretary
Gerry Hoye Website Administrator.
Pete Burrow Social Activities Secretary
John Rutherford Group Convenor Co-ordinator

A hard copy of our Christmas Newsletter was circulated during December. A copy is repeated in the right hand column, click on this to enlarge.

Christmas Quiz. Steve Burrow gave us a great social quiz last year (2019) and we knew we were going to miss it. However Pam Campbell, our new Business Secretary, quickly learned how to get into Zoom. At the same time Pete Burrow also explored the possibly of doing an on line quiz. The Committee, meeting on line, decided to experiment. It was hilarious. But we thought we would give it a try.
So we had our virtual Quiz on 14th December with a good percentage of our Members. What fun we had. Pete’s questions were wide ranging with something for everyone, even music questions.
Thanks go out to Pam and Pete for there hard work.

Our very own, and former Chair, Karenza Storey, has received “Highly Commended” in the King Lear national arts prize for her poem Throckrington. We are pleased that we have persuaded her to let us see it on this website. Click on “Throckrington” in the right hand column to gain the page. (Your Webmaster got nowhere with his entry.). As Website Administrator I have access to the number of hits each page receives on a daily basis. Needless to say this page usually gets the most hits. But in May the greatest number of hits were on the PostBox page! This is really heartening as for years the page has been relatively quiescent. Add a post and keep it lively.

Alnwick, Berwick, Coquetdale and Wooler U3A's have for sometime been networking to share experiences and activities. Remember Members can share other U3A's Groups and activities at no additional cost.
Would you be interested in being part of the new Food Group concentrating on vegetarian and possibly vegan food? If so contact Julia and Richard Wood by clicking Vegetarian Group here. Also see new page, click on “Groups” tab above.
The timing of the group would run alongside Valerie’s Food and Drink group and would take place in the first part of the month to avoid clashes. Newsletter which is edited at U3A headquarters. We are being encouraged to sign up to receiving it direct to our inboxes, Click on the link if of interest. U3A national Newsletter.

4 Computing Guides, which are really comprehensive, are now available by clicking on this link. These have been produced by the Convenor of Ravenshill U3A's Computer Group. This is a wonderful facility which many of us will find very useful. But now we have our own vibrant Computer self help Group up and running!

5 TAM Spring 21 Third Age Matters April, Spring edition 2021 is now available. Group Convenors receive a copy to share with any members of their interest Group should they request it. The Front cover of the new edition is on the left. Click to enlarge. Lots of news about the national u3a day postponed from last year and now planned for 2nd June. An interesting initiative reported during lockdown has been u3a radio podcast. This has been running from September and features news from across the movement as well stories from Members. You can hear the podcast by clicking on this link to our YouTube channel
A previous edition had an article on the website created by the Hadrian's Wall Group of the Tynedale U3A, needlessly to say, on Hadrian's Wall. It is said to be the most comprehensive guide to the Wall. Click here to check out the Website.

6. Messenger January 2021 What's in "Messenger" January 2021
Click on these images for the cover page. Link to full newsletter click - Messenger. January 2021 Messenger is the. Northumbria Region’s quarterly Newsletter.

7 Poster of full details in sidebar, click to enlarge. Would you like to learn how to use imaging software? Duncan Elson asks, "Do you use imaging software and would like to learn more? Come and join us in a self-help group. Meeting 10.30 - 12.30 am in the Cheviot room, Jubilee Hall. Every 3rd Wednesday of the Month”. Click to make contact with Duncan

8. Weird Stone of Coquetdale The Weird Stone of Coquetdale. Wandering up the Coquet many years ago I discovered this amazing carved stone and at the time although I was tempted to think it was pre-historic it clearly was much more recent. But who took the time and effort to do it. I promised myself I would return on Walpurgis night and disturb nude frolics, but never did.
All has been revealed (after was it decades?) at a recent meeting of the Art Appreciation Group. Click on link in the right hand column.

Have we got your latest e-mail address? Some e-mails to members are being returned and you may be missing out. All you have to do is click on the "contact" tab above and send a message to the Webmaster.

If you would like to write a comment on the website or any item relating to U3A please send a message by clicking Webmaster for website amendments and comment.

Why are there no contact e-mail addresses, telephone numbers or addresses on this website? This is to preserve the privacy of the officers, not from you, but from modern powerful search engines that constantly pick up on these details and automatically display them on the web for any one to see. However it is easy to contact us through the "Contact" tab above and various direct links in blue. You are welcome.
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The excellent on-line version of Over the Bridges is the invaluable source of information for everything in Upper Coquetdale. Just click on the link and you will never have grub around searching for your lost copy. See “Lock down Log” below for important information.

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Regional U3A website If you click on this link you will discover minutes, calendars, event flyers and detail of all the action at U3A Region.

What is Probus Alnwick click her to find out.

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