Consett & District


MAIN MONTHLY MEETINGS at Consett Methodist Church Hall (the third Friday of the month) commence 1.30pm - Coffee/Tea & biscuits are available before the meeting. General information and business matters will be announced/discussed at 1.30pm. The speaker will commence at 1.45pm for approx. one hour.

Friday 20th May-Speaker Anthea Lang. Topic -"Death, Diseases and Dastardly Deeds"
Friday 17th June-Speaker Martin Talbot. Topic -"Cullercoats Artists' Colony"
Friday 15th July-Speaker Peter Weighall. Topic -"Tales of a Fireman"
Friday 19th August-Speaker David Stout. Topic -"Images of the Empire (India)"
Friday 16th September-Speaker Gwen Keating. Topic -"Seedy and Sophisticated"
Friday 21st October-Speaker Anthony Atkinson. Topic -"Abraham Lincoln"
Friday 18th November-Speaker Liz Finch. Topic -"Seaton Delaval Hall"
Friday 16th December-No meeting. Date of Christmas Lunch Wednesday 14th December
Friday 20th January-Speaker Anne Quigley. Topic -"Tall Ships Adventures"
Friday 17th February-Speaker Bernard Hope. Topic -"Eddie Chapman, NE Double Agent"
Friday 17th March-Speaker Geoff Hughes. Topic -"Cragside-Upstairs/Downstairs"
Friday 21st April - Annual General Meeting
Friday 19th May - Graham Carling. Topic - "Skye - A Special Island
Friday 16th June - Jared Johnson. Topic - "Charles Dickens"
Friday 21st July - Freda Thompson. Topic "Sons of the Desert-Laurel & Hardy"
Friday 18th August - Cath & Harry Gilbert. Topic "Postcards from Brazil"
Friday 15th September - Peter Weighall. Topic "Shakespeare's Italian Cities-Venice & Verona"
Friday 20th October - Noel Adamson. Topic "Red Kites"
Friday 17th November - Anthony Atkinson. Topic "Top 100 Geordies"
Friday 15th December - Christmas Lunch at Consett Golf Club
Friday 19th January - Graham Soult. Topic "Hidden Treasures of the High Street"
Friday 16th February - Prof. John McCabe. Topic "Japan behind the Fan"
Friday 16th March - Ollie Burton. Topic "How to build a Cathedral"
Friday 20th April - Annual General Meeting
Friday 18th May - Pat Lowery. "Grand Performances - Theatres of the North"
Friday 15th June - Trevor Jenkins "Joan of Arc-Truths & Myths"
Friday 20th July - Terence Buckle "Claude Buckle-Marine Artist"
Friday 17th August - Dan Dowling "The Plight of the Refugees"
Friday 21st September - Anthony Atkinson "Ada Lovelace"
Friday 19th October - Bernard Hope "The Mystery of the Mary Celeste"
Friday 16th November - Michael Dynes "Close to the Edge"
Friday 21st December - No meeting (Date of Christmas Lunch Consett Golf Club 14th December)
Friday 18th January - Dr. Jared Johnson "William Wilberforce"
Friday 15th February - Cath & Harry Gilbert "A Shoestring called Chile"
Friday 15th March - Anthea Lang "Who do you think you are?"
Friday 19th April - Annual General Meeting
Friday 17th May - Paul Rathbone "The Path to Balance"
Friday 21st June - Linda King "Victorian Customs & Superstitions in NE England"
Friday 19th July - Les Storey "Tales from behind the Library Bookshelves"
Friday 16th August - Simon Raine "Confessions of a Cheesemaker"
Friday 20th September - Laura Brooks "Scam Awareness"
Friday 18th October - Anthony Atkinson "Clementine Churchill"
Friday 15th November - Dr.Pete Edwards "A Beginners Guide to the Galaxy"
Friday 20th December - No Meeting (Christmas Lunch date to be arranged)
Friday 17th January - Neil Breach "Home Safely"
Friday 21st February - Steve Thompson "A Songwriter's Life"
Friday 20th March - Catherine Stevenson "Three and more ways we are not like James Bond"
Friday 17th April - Annual General Meeting