Park Nottingham

Film Club

Convenor Steve Payne
3rd Friday of month 4pm
Venue- NSRC

We pick a monthly film to see and then discuss at our next meeting. Members are free to see the film in their own time , but a Whatsapp group allows people to team up to visit the cinema together if desired.

The January film, Cats, was definitely a marmite feature, with little middle ground, but we had an interesting discussion about the whole musical genre. The film selection for February is "Parasite". This fits in with one of the key reasons for the Film Club in that it gets people to see films they may not have chosen themselves. Parasite is the breakout movie in America at present and is picking up a number of awards.

November’s meeting focused on Official Secrets, a film set around intelligence leaks in 2003 aimed at preventing war. Consensus was that it was better than expected, with good acting, tension and a story which pitted the individual against the state.

October’s film was The Farewell, a story based around one family and two cultures, Chinese and American, and their approach to bad news. It raised a number of different points, including “is there a good lie”, and attracted a number of opposite opinions. We also discussed the impact of the expanding Chinese Film market and how films are taking into account Chinese sensibilities to enable the films to be released.

September's film was Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, a Tarantino-directed film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt. There was a divergence of opinion from brilliant to selfindulgent and rambling, but all agreed that the acting was excellent and the portrayal of the era spot on.
We then discussed the value of a lead actor and whether the name is worth the fee and would draw you in and see the film. Finally, we voted on the best Tarantino film, with honourable mentions for Reservoir Dogs and Jackie Brown, but the winner was Pulp Fiction, which, if you haven't seen it, is well worth a look.

The August film was The Lion King which was technically excellent but, by common agreement, added nothing to the story. However, we did have a good discussion about the Disney Entertainment franchise and the way it has developed from a creator of family-friendly films to this massive financial conglomerate.

Past Films

The Film Club met for its first discussion on the 21st September 2018 when we discussed The Children Act. After a lively and interesting discussion it was decided that the next film we would see is The Wife.

The October meeting discussed The Wife, starring Glen Close which had some outstanding performances.

November's film was 'Widows', now probably an Oscar favourite, but received mixed reviews within the group, but still scored 7.5.There was also a great discussion on how a film is sold - Widows being trailed as a heist movie but did not fit the pattern for that genre and only devoted a small proportion of the film to the actual action.

There was no Film Club meeting in December, but 'Old Man and the Gun' was discussed via Whatsapp and met with largely lukewarm responses..

January’s pick of Oscar contender ‘The Favourite’ proved anything but to some members, and the diversity of views in a large group was as interesting as usual.

Our February film was another Oscar nominee,‘Green Book’. This was well-received overall, with commendations for the two central performances. However some felt the script was cliched and a little simplistic on the racial issues of the time (and now) and this provoked some debate! However it garnered a solid 8/10.

At our March meeting, for the first time the group had two films to watch, ‘All is True’ and ‘Can you ever Forgive Me’. These provoked a discussion between the merits of watching the film with a critical eye and enjoying the film. Neither film received a high audience score, although it was recognised that there were some great performances, special note goes to Richard E Grant. We also reflected on the Oscars having had our own Oscar winners, and discussed the various categories and compared what we chose and the eventual winners.

At our meeting in May we discussed the Icelandic eco-warrior film 'Woman at War'. The film addressed current themes with a light touch and led to a excellent discussion, and received the highest marks so far.

The June month film was 'Rocketman', Elton John's journey of discovery from shy prodigy to international superstar. The overriding opinion was that it was a fun film along the old musical format and gave an insight into how Elton saw himself. Whether a true reflection was up for debate, but it was well received by most of the group.

If you would like to be part of the group then please contact Steve Payne via the Blue Bird.

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