Learn, Laugh, Live!


As you will know, all our meetings have come to a halt for the foreseeable future.

We are grateful to all the group leaders for their help in managing the suspension so promptly and informing the members of the outcomes. The hour of any resumption is, of course, unpredictable but we will be guided by timely government advice and will provide regular updates to all members.

However, this lack of formal meetings does not prevent us managing our activities in other ways, and we know that some groups have already set up new, distant arrangements to encourage continued activity. Among the many suggestions from various U3A sources is the harnessing of social media to promote online activities, such as quizzes, topical discussions, and the sharing of group assignments in assorted subjects.

The list is varied and we would urge group leaders to consult with the members on how such activities, if desired, can be managed, bearing in mind that many of our members do not use, or have no access to the internet. Of course, if you want to fulfil a lifelong ambition to read the complete works of Shakespeare, that would fine too.

If any member has further suggestions that groups can invoke, especially if they can include members without IT, please contact a member of the Committee.

We would also urge those members who can, to subscribe to the Third Age Trust newsletter ( , if possible, and to visit their website from time to time, ( We will also use our own website to host our bulletins and to highlight group suggestions, activities, and innovations. Check on The National U3A Facebook page also has great suggestions.

We have set up a new group named Member Support and invite members to volunteer to help maintain regular phone contact with our members who do not use e-mail and/or do not belong to groups. This will enable us to pass on key information quickly and provide the support of a friendly voice to self-isolating members.

Anyone wishing to help with Member Support please contact Ann Sole on 01293 883272 or


We are a local group of 600 adults no longer working full time who meet up regularly to share information, expertise and experiences in an informal but informative way.

We are part of the national U3A (The university of the Third Age) which provides informative, educational, recreational and social activities for adults with increased leisure time as they approach or are at “The Third Age” ie after childhood and working or raising a family. The U3A has local, national and international groups forming a ‘university’ of members who draw upon their knowledge and experience to teach and learn from each other. There are no qualifications to pass – it is just for pleasure.

Crawley U3A has over 40 interest groups which are run by the members for the members with everyone sharing their skills, knowledge and experience in an informal setting. These groups cover a wide range of interests including music, art, history, walking, outings, theatre, books, gardening, bridge, board games and many more. New groups are continually being added. Groups are held monthly, weekly or fortnightly. A copy of our current groups may be found here. Directory

We also hold monthly meetings with a guest speaker with recent and planned talks including The Police Commissioner, Dame Caroline Haslett, Daily life in Japan and the Home Front Crawley U3A organises coach trips three times a year, Spring, Summer and at Christmas and there are opportunities to attend county wide Study Days and a Summer School with other U3A groups.

There is a joining fee of £15 (or £25 per couple) and a small fee is payable for the group meetings. Membership fees include a local magazine published 3 times a year and a quarterly National Magazine.

Membership of the U3A is open to anyone who is no longer working full time. There are no joining requirements other than a zest for life, an enquiring mind and a willingness to be involved. The motto of the whole U3A is “Learn Laugh and Live.” You don’t need a degree for the U3A just experience of the University of Life. Come and give us a try!

This is what some of our members say:

"I have visited many new places, some of which I had never heard of"
“I’ve made many new friends”
“I enjoy the different talks at the monthly meetings”
“I’m delighted I can still use my brain now I’m no longer working”
“I enjoy sharing other people’s knowledge”
“ I’m amazed that I can now get a tune out of my ukulele.”

For more information please contact our Membership Secretary on this link, T: 07555 021879 or complete the application form New Membership Application.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Due to recent data protection legislation we are now obliged to remind members that you all have the choice to request the removal of your email address from our secure system. Email is the preferred means of contact as it is effective and immediate whilst the cost of paper and postage is continually rising. However, if you no longer wish to be contacted by, or receive any information via email please contact the Membership Secretary on this link.

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