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Covid-19: For the current state of play, pls see 'Welcome', 'Groups' or 'Events' pages

The committee is working hard to keep you updated so please bear with us. If you have any queries, please contact a committee member or your group leader.


On this page, you will find general information about Berwick U3A activities and outings, plus regional and national U3A items.

Berwick U3A - Group 'Forward Programmes' for 2020/21
The leaders of several groups (eg 'Art Appreciation' and 'Geology') have published their plans for virtual meetings. Please see their group pages for details, & contact the leaders (via that page) if you'd like to 'attend'.

Running U3A during Covid 19: U3A's National HQ, at the Third Age Trust, publishes updated advice from time to time on running local U3As during the pandemic. Although primarily aimed at Committees, Group Leaders and other 'officials', the information may be of interest to the wider membership. To navigate the (somewhat tortuous) way to that advice do as follows: click on the U3A Tab on our own website (which links to the Trust's website). Once there, click on the blue 'Coronavirus - Covid 19' box, and then on the interactive '.....members login here...' (at foot of Articles paragraph). From there choose either 'log in' or, if you haven't previously done this, click on 'create an account'. Once you've logged in, pick the 'Running your U3A during Covid-19' box (bottom right at the time of writing). There you'll see a list of articles containing both general & more specific advice.

Tweed & Coast Nature Trail This new walk, from Coronation Park to Spittal, is now open ! More details are available on its website - there is a link on our Environment Group's page. And, here on the U3A News page, is a link to a message of support from Simpsons Malt, the first sponsor of the trail.

U3A Working Group recommendations
The Findings and Recommendations of the Working Group into the future structure of the Third Age Trust can be found in a link on the right.

Geneology Special Offer
U3A members may use the discount code U3A2017 for 10% discount on all services at Click on adjacent Link to see their products.

U3A Networking
We have a networking arrangement with Alnwick, Coquetdale and Wooler U3As. Without having to pay a membership fee, we can join groups or attend events organised by those U3As, as long as there are places available; and of course the same applies to them if they wish to join any of our activities. Naturally, we do have to pay towards any room hire if appropriate. Links to their websites (& newsletters where applicable) are on the right of this page.

More local U3As
Our other neighbouring U3As are East Berwickshire (based in Eyemouth) and Duns & District. We don't have networking arrangements with them, but you'll find links to their websites on this page too.

U3A leaflet
There is a new Berwick U3A leaflet, which will be available at Open Meetings, for anyone who wishes to show it to their friends or relatives.

U3A Legal Helpline. Please see the link at the top of this page for how to access to the 24 hour U3A Legal Helpline.