Dates and details of forthcoming events

THE MONTHLY SPEAKER MEETING IS HELD AT THE COMMEMORATION HALL, WADHURST STARTING AT 2.30pm. Guests are welcome for a small fee which includes refreshments.

(If anyone is willing to offer transport to and from the meetings to those who require a lift please notify the Chairman via the CONTACT page)

Dates for your Diary
Thu Oct 21st



Ian Rumley-Dawson - Hastings Country Park

Its wildlife, past, present and future, plus some geology, topography and palaeontology

Thu Nov 18th Anna Austin - Women Aviators
From Amelia Earhart to Sally Ride, making history in air and space
Wed Dec 15th Christmas Meeting - TBA
Thu Jan 27th 2022 Anthony Poulton-Smith - Salt Routes
Thursday 27th January
Salt Routes: the original trade route, why it existed and why these routes are still
used today. While our distant ancestors were largely self-sufficient, for most one
vital commodity meant having to trade. Bringing salt to the user produced a network
of trails which can still be followed. Yet this is not just a travel history, salt has found its way into our culture, our language, our folklore and the talk brings all these factors to the fore.
Thu Feb 17th 2022 John Pearson - Blessed are the Cheese Makers
John Pearson has spent all his working life in the food industry. He is an
international cheese judge having travelled throughout Europe visiting dairies
selecting dairy products for M&S. In 2011 he was appointed ‘Cheese Personality of
the Year’ by the British Cheese Board. Proceeds from this talk will go to his friend
David Dowdy who rears milking goats in Uganda and runs apprenticeships for local people.
Thu Mar 17th 2022 Chris Stewart WorkAid - Tools for Life.
WorkAid is a charity where volunteers refurbish tools or collect materials of all kinds
to send to Africa where people are trained and and given a toolset or machine to
earn a living with pride and dignity.
Thu Apr 21st 2022 Imogen Corrigan The Hazards of the journey
Pilgrimage and travel in the middle ages - spiritual wandering to religious tourism.
What possessed people to trudge hundreds of miles, often in appalling conditions and sometimes perishing on the way?
Thu May 19th 2022 Dr Janet Pennington - Witches, Warlocks and Wellingtons.
This talk examines the ways people in the past protected themselves and their homes from evil. Protective items will also be on display and can be handled. You are invited to bring your own special objects to the meeting, if you feel you can leave your home unprotected for a few hours!
Thu Jun 16th 2022 Helen Poole - Lewes Priory: the site and its people.
This important Cluniac priory was founded around 1077-81 and the ruins now tell the story of its life and problems, not least its unwilling participation in the Battle of
Thu Jul 21st 2022 Bobbie Darbyshire - Where do Novelists get their Ideas from?
Bobbie won the 2008 fiction prize at the National Academy of Writing and the New
Delta Review Creative Nonfiction Prize 2010. My latest novel is ‘The Posthumous
Adventures of Harry Whittaker’. My earlier ones are ‘OZ’, ‘Love, Revenge & Buttered Scones’, and ‘Truth Games’. I’ve worked as barmaid, mushroom picker, film extra, maths coach, cabinet minister’s private secretary, care assistant and volunteer adult-literacy teacher, as well as in social research and government policy.
Ilive in London and host a writers group.
Thu Aug 18th 2022 Brian Freeland - Women of the Raj
When the Colonial Administrators arrived to take over from the East India Company
they were often accompanied by their wives: wives who spoke only English, who mixed only with other wives, and who couldn’t even communicate with their household staff. Wives who made great demands on their husbands. As one Indian wrote later “I don’t think they realised what a menace they were. If the memsahibs had stayed in Britain there might never have been a Mutiny!”.
Thu Sep 22nd 2022 Mary Smith - A Schoolgirl’s War.
The talk tells the story of wartime school life using some recently discovered
paintings from an art teacher who documented the lives of school girls and their
teachers as WW2 unfolded. The talk includes a selection of these paintings together
with some anecdotes from wartime pupil
Thu Oct 20th 2022 Janie Ramsay - The Jewellery of the Duchess of Windsor.
Her magnificent jewellery, designed by the 20th century most iconic jewellers and
sold for record prices, still fascinates today. And the list of who bought some of the pieces, and what they had to pay, is equally fascinating. Janie Ramsay speaks as a retired director of Sotheby’s who has researched the history of the jewellery when
they were auctioned after the Duchess’s death.
Thu Nov 17th 2022 Pete Allen - The history of pantomime.
What is it about Pantomime that attracts us to this strange concoction of fairy tales,
dance, jokes, songs and cross-dressing? And what is it really like to play the back
end of a Pantomime Cow? All this, and the answer to whether something really is
behind you will be answered in this festive Talk about what has become one of the
great British Christmas traditions.