Carlton & Gedling

Beacon Management System

BEACON is an online management system developed specifically for U3A’s. We use Beacon to manage our Membership Records, Groups & Venues information, the Meetings Calendar, keeping in touch with our members by email and recording of groups’ income and expenditure.

There are 3 levels of access to Beacon:-

Click View Public Groups to see the basic public version of the Groups List, as shown in the 1st photo on the right. Click on any Group in the list for additional information about the group.

Click View Public Calendar to see the basic public version of the Calendar, as shown in the 2nd photo on the right. For more information about navigating around the Calendar, visit the Calendar page.

If you are a current paid up member of Carlton and Gedling U3A, you can click to Login to the Members Portal where you can view additional Groups and Calendar information (as shown in the 3rd and 4th photos on the right). You can also add yourself to Groups, create your own personalised Calendar, update your personal details, upload a photo of yourself that will be incorporated on your membership card and renew your membership online.

Clicking how to login as a Member will give you more information about the functions available to you after logging in to the Members Portal.

Group Convenors and Committee members can click to Login to Beacon as a System User and update certain information within the site, depending on the access rights associated with their role.

There is comprehensive guidance to using Beacon in the Training area of the new Beacon Website and in Carlton & Gedling’s own custom User Guide chapters below.

ChapterTitleRev.Last updated
01Introduction to Beaconv1018 Jan 2019
02How to login as a Memberv1518 Jan 2019
03How to login as a System Userv74 Jan 2018
04Emails and Lettersv1230 Mar 2018
05Login as a Committee Memberv718 Jan 2019
06Login as a Group Convenorv1718 Jan 2019
07Login as a Groups Coordinatorv1118 Jan 2019
08Login as Membership Secretaryv229 Sep 2019
09Login as Newsletter Editorv154 Jan 2018
10Login as Treasurerv518 Jan 2019
11File Downloadsv68 Jan 2018
12How to renew your Membership onlinev54 Apr 2019

Click to visit the Beacon Website where you can view all the latest news about Beacon, including a monthly Newsletter, a Training section and a Support section where you can raise a ticket if you are having problems with Beacon (although your first port of call should be to contact the C&G Beacon Administrator).