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Time to join or rejoin our u3a

  • The pandemic isn’t over yet! We watch the COVID statistics with bated breath. But at least “Freedom Day” is now well and truly past! It is time to emerge from the shelter of lockdown and get active again. Our u3a interest groups are now gradually restarting.
  • So to find out more, just browse our website - look at the full list of groups by clicking on the GROUPS button above. Or to look at new and upcoming groups click on the NEW GROUPS button. Look at the EVENTS button to find OPEN MEETINGS which are open to non-members.
  • We have well over 500 members in and around East Grinstead and there are groups to cater for many different interests.
  • If you like walking; gardening; exploring technology or finding out more about history then do come and join us. If you fancy flexing your muscles on a foreign language, or if you would like to join a Book Group, we have several.
  • Perhaps you like the idea of choral singing, or Out and About trips, these will pick up again just as soon as we are permitted closer social mixing. Or do you write short stories, or enjoy painting or poetry?
  • There are several practical groups, such as Craft; Quilt making and other fabric techniques. Or do you want to clean up the environment and perhaps help to reduce global climate change?
  • Then there are the groups like Mahjong and Bridge, where you can fine tune those brain cells....
Time to join or rejoin our u3a