New members - please contact the Membership Secretary (Angela) for more information if you wish to join Northwich U3A.
Existing members - please contact the Membership Secretary (Angela) if you wish to change your personal details, email address or if you have queries relating to your membership. Please use the form below (select Membership Secretary button).

Please use the same form for enquiries about new or existing groups. Please contact the Group Coordinator (Carol) select Groups Coordinator option first.

Also use the form below to contact our Secretary (Janice) for general queries (select Secretary button first).

If you have any website related queries, you can contact our Webmaster (Mo) using the same form (please select Webmaster option first).

We have now introduced a 'Pigeon Post' contact logo on Group Webpages. You can click the pigeon and send a message directly to the group leader if the Pigeon logo is showing (top right) for that group activity.

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