Surrey U3A Network


Membership of Surrey U3A Network is open to all U3As in Surrey and its and surrounding area. We welcome all new members including members of other networks who are very welcome to join us. Apart from the regular six-monthly meetings, our main activities are providing a study day programme of eight events each year at the Menuhin Hall, encouraging international exchanges between U3As, running workshops on topics of current interest to U3A committees, group leaders and members, running occasional one-off events, such as the Richard lll Lecture or exhibitions of U3A activities at the Denbies Wine Estate conference facilities, and supporting the activities of the South East U3A Forum. The Surrey Network is a member of the South East U3A Forum that was set up to encourage co-operation between the networks for Kent, Surrey and Sussex. We support all collaboration between U3As, whether locally or in a larger grouping, and the development of new U3As where there is sufficient support for new members in the locality to benefit from the U3A experience.

The Surrey U3A Network had its origins in meetings of Surrey U3As going back as far as around 1996 in which activities, experiences and ideas were discussed at six-monthly intervals. The original name of Central Surrey Region was changed to the current name in 2009 as the Third Age Trust changed from its own definition of Areas and instead adopted Government Regions for electing its Trustees. We adopted our constitution, which is based on the Model U3A Constitution for England and Wales, in 2009. The objects of the Surrey Network are the same as those of its constituent U3As, with an additional focus on collaborative efforts between them. They are:

  • To advance the education of the public, particularly of older people no longer in full-time gainful employment, in Surrey and its surrounding locality, through the collaborative efforts of the constituent U3As and the Committee.
  • To provide facilities for leisure time and recreational activities so as to improve the conditions of life for the above persons in the interests of their social welfare.

You can find information about U3A activity across Surrey on other pages of this site:

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