Herts Network of U3As


Welcome to the Herts Network of U3As website

The Herts Network is a group of 40+ U3As from across Hertfordshire and into Beds and Bucks. A list of all of our affiliates are shown on the U3A List page. Simply click on one of the U3A names to link to the local website.

The primary objective of every U3A is to support the further learning of people in the third age (after schooling and working). It is learning for fun with no qualifications needed and none awarded.

Herts Network of U3As

The Herts Network of U3As was set up to facilitate this through cooperation between the U3As in the region by :

  • providing member U3As with an outlet to offer support and encouragement to one another
  • giving an opportunity to share common problems and achievements
  • and encourage joint leisure activities.

Network meetings are held several times during the year for member U3A committee representatives to discuss network-wide issues relating to U3A.

Network Events occur ad hoc during the year to bring together members from throughout the region. There are study days e.g. Network Quiz and themed talks, and internal days for information sharing.

Speakers The Network maintains a list of speakers that can be used as a reference by individual U3As when booking talks. Contact the Speaker Coordinator for details.

A national U3A structure has been put in place to manage over 1,000 U3As across the UK.
Herts Network is part of the Eastern Region, which in turn reports into The U3A Third Age Trust at national level.