Groups meet in the daytime, either in each other’s houses or in rented halls. They vary in size, some have just a few members, others are larger and are more the lecture type, but none are formal, just enjoyable. Question and debate often form an integral part. The extent of these activities depends entirely on the willingness of members to organise them, and the interest shown by other members.
For further details see the individual pages for the activities.

All requests for new groups or any general group queries should be made through our Group Co-ordinator, by email using the e-mail form on the CONTACT Info page

  • A number of groups vary their venues and sometimes the days of the week so please click on the Group Name for further details of that group and contact information for that group. Some Group Leaders have a direct email contact on their page.
  • VENUES Available for use - Under Review - Covid-19 as at June 2021. (Venue options available for use by Groups. Follow the link tba to a spread sheet of available facilities in the Deepings for our members group activities. Revised May 2019 sponsor GarthP)
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Accordion As arranged Thursday 10.00-12.00 Janice Cosham
Antiques & Collectables Catholic Church, DStJ 4th Monday 14.00-16.00(variable) Irene Beeken/Pam Pendry
Art Appreciation Catholic Church, DStJ 3rd Tuesday 10.00-12.00Sandra Jones / Yvonne McCulloch
Cake Decorating As arranged 2nd Thursday 14.00-16.00Bet Shoulders
CanastaMembers homes2nd Sun 2-4, & 4th Mon 10.00-12.00Chris Mutton
Church Mice As arranged 2nd Tuesday 13.45 or as arrangedHenry Roberts
Crafts 2 Members homes 3rd Monday 14.00-16.00 Liz Noble
Crafts 3 Members homes 1st Thursday 10.00-12.00Anita Setchfield
Cycling As arranged 3rd Friday about 11.00Jim Torrance
Discussion Group Members homes 2nd & 4th Monday 10.30-12.00 Jim Winstone
Family History Community Centre 2nd Monday 14.00-16.00Jean Brennand
Flower Arranging Community Centre 1st Thursday 14.00-16.00 Pat Ludlow
French Conversation Members homes Wednesday fortnightly 10.30 Rhae Elliot/Mary Lawrence
Gardening 4 Petals and Produce As arranged 3rd Tuesday 10.00 Kathleen Turner
Gardening Thursday Gardening As arranged 1st Thursday 10.00-12.00 Linda Hill
Gardening Wednesday As arranged 2nd Wednesday 10.00-12.00 Jean Foster/Jane Cooke
Just Gardening TuesdayAs arranged 4th Tuesday 10.00-12.00 Ros Affleck
Good Food Group Members homes 1st Monday 12.30-14.30 Kathleen Tanner
Guitar for Pleasure As arranged 2nd & 4th Tuesday 14.00-16.00 Liz Lonsdale
History Green School, M.D. 3rd Wednesday 10.00 for 10.30 Sandra Jones/Liz Parkinson
Italian Conversation As arranged 2nd & 4th Monday 15.00-16.300 Lynne Alcorn
Jazz, Swing & Big Band Members homes 4th Wednesday 10.00-12.00Phil Jones/Anne Jones
Listening to Music Members homes 2nd Wednesday 10.00-12.00 Terry Noble/Jim Pringle
Mah Jong Members homes Weekly Friday 10.00-12.00 Peg Torrance
Natural History As arranged 4th Thursday 10.00 Jo Astle / Margaret Beardshaw
Poets and Poetry Members homes1st Monday Irene Beeken
Learn Photography To be advised Usually 3rd Wednesday 13.45-16.30Pete Allen D Blessett D Hoadley
QuiltingCommunity centre2nd Tuesday 10.00-13.00 Maggie Griffiths
Quiz Group Members homes 2nd Friday 14.00-1600 David MacVitie
Reading Group, Monday Members homes 2nd Monday 10.30 am Liz Waterland
Science As arranged 3rd Tuesday 14.00-16.00 Garth Perry/David Scott
Singing Group Catholic Church, DStJ 2nd & 4th Tuesday 10.00-12.00David Perkins
Spanish Conversation Members homes Tuesdays 10.30-12.00 Jim Collins
Sunday Lunch Group As arranged 4th Sunday 12.30 for 13.00 Tony Semple/Michael Griffith
Ten Pin Bowling Bretton Bowling Alley 2nd Monday & 4th Tuesday 10.00-12.00 David Lunn/Chris Patman
Walking all Day and Holiday As arrangedReports and reviews All day walks and Group Holidays
Walking Monday As arranged 1st Monday, 10.00 Steve Hanson
Walking Pacers As arranged 1st Wednesday 10.00 Lynn and Steve White
Walking Strollers As arranged 4th Monday 10.00 for 10.30 Bob Deller
Walking Thursday As arranged 2nd Thursday 10.00 Godfrey Parkes/David Scott
Walking Wanderers As arranged 2nd Tuesday 10.00 Hilary and Barry Akam
Watercolours (Beginners)Comm Ctr 2nd Monday 10.30-12.30 Jan Fisk
Whist and other Games Northborough Village Hall From 15Oct2017. 14.00-16.00 Sundays Fortnightly Chris Mutton
Weekenders As arranged 2nd Saturday 10.15-11.30 Ann Bradshaw/Barbara McNicol
Writing for Pleasure Leader's Home Langtoft 2nd Tuesday 10.00


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