Message from your Chairperson

To all members of Sunderland U3A

As you all know, the original lockdown took us all by surprise. Back in March we were hopeful that we would be able to meet again by this September. In fact the Executive met in July in the hope that would be possible, but as it turned out this was merely wishful thinking.
We are very concerned about your well being. I’ve spoken to a lot of members and appreciate the impact this situation is having, particularly on those of you living alone. However, try as we might no solutions readily present themselves. We must stay safe and follow the guidelines as they change.
In early September the committee met –outdoors! We decided that all we can do is inform you that we hope to hold a monthly meeting in February 2021. That is of course subject to whatever changing circumstance that may occur between now and then. Any further information we have will be posted on the website as we receive it.

Best wishes to you all
June Elsom: Chairperson


Message from Martin Walker:

Many thanks to all of you who contributed to Prim’s Giving Page for Motor Neuron Disorder
The monies raised came to: £1,850.

Living in the Sunderland area?
Retired or semi-retired?
Then join us to share enthusiasms and experiences with like-minded people, for life-long learning.

COMMITTEE 2019-2020:
June Elsom, Chair
Pat Graham, Secretary
Mary Barlow, Treasurer
Lilian Younger, Membership Secretary
Susan Quayle, Speakers Secretary
Alan Denham, Groups Organiser & Regional Liaison
Dorothy Scott, Magazine Editor
Liz English
Carole Gowland
Sheila Humby
Betty Lenier
Margaret Otterson
Linda Thompson
Martin Walker
Ethel Wilson

Click on the link below to see a copy of the Constitution as amended in 2009
Sunderland U3A Constitution