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Wildlife! Blair Castle Visit Friday 16 September 2016

In September 2016 the Scottish History Autumn outing to Blair Castle was a great success from the time we left Victoria Rd the sun shone the whole time.
Our first stop was The Watermill at Blair Atholl this is a working mill You can see the wheel turning the water running through it, Rami the owner came from Jerusalem 16 years ago him and his wife came for 1 year to help set up the working of the mill and like it so much that they stayed.
We were giving a tour from the start of how the flour and oatmeal is made. It was very interesting. No additives are added the texture of the bread is night and day to what we buy in the shops our sandwiches were beautifully made as well as our soup and our lovely biscuit that went with our tea or coffee finished our meal. A good start which just got better as the day went on.

When our bus drew up outside the castle I was quite surprised to see a piper playing. It was though he was welcoming us.
I did tell the members I wasn't able to arrange for the Duke of Atholl private highlanders to be there but it was nice the piper being there just as we stepped down from the bus.
The Castle was everything as we was expecting, though I wasn't able myself to travel up the stair to see everything our members all said how lovely everything was furniture paintings China beautifully preserved. I watched a video along with a few other members then wandered into the cafeteria for a cold drink before we went outside to wander through the grounds. By this time the sun was very warm and we were quite happy to sit and watch the world go by it was a very busy place. This peacock. was wandering round the car park when I took his photo He seamed to have had a few scrapes his tail was a bit tattered as though someone had needed his feathers for their hat.
I manage to get some members to line up for me with the castle in the background to take this photo before we got under way for our high tea at Dullatur Golf club Another successful trip with a lovely day.

ROSSLYN CHAPEL VISIT Friday 20th May 2016
The Scottish History group went to Rosslyn Chapel for their Spring Outing

Ann's Coaches drew up at the layby down from the Lenzie Golf Club beside Victoria Road where 27 members were waiting to board the bus . Julie our Driver waited until we were all comfortable our coats and jackets up on the rack along with walking aids us oldies use. The sun was trying to get through and it wasn't long before the sun was shining in the bus windows. The miles just flew past everyone was enjoying each other's company. We had very comfortable seats and a competent Driver. At 11.15 am We arrived at Dobbies a large garden centre. There was also an Outlet centre shops next to the garden centre. Hotter Shoe company and I noticed Lakeland as well. Some of our members did some serious shopping at the Outlet centre. Julie our Driver drew into the area reserved for buses we all got off and went into the shops.

We had reserved the conservatory for our lunch at Dobbies. This was Soup, then lots of nice fresh sandwiches followed by tea or coffee. It was all laid out for us to help ourselves. Everyone commented on how they enjoyed their lunch. The sun was still shining, a bonus especially after all that rain on Wednesday and Thursday as well Edinburgh and the area round about had had the same downpours we had had maybe that had taken the people out from their homes seeking company at the garden centre fed up of being indoors but what ever the reason I really don't think the staff could have been more attentive the eating areas and the counters were jam packed with people, these were queuing for tables. At 1.20pm we got on the bus again for our short journey to Rosslyn Chapel.

It will be 4 years in September since the last time we were there. And big changes has been made. Though the glass entry door was installed the first time we were there I noticed the information area had been moved nearer the door and additional table and chairs had been added to the eating area. But still quite small for larger bus parties. The U3A in Peebles participate in helping out at Rosslyn volunteering for various jobs. Our guide was very well informed in the history of the owners and their Ancestors It's certainly a beautiful place both inside and out. The people of Rosslyn are very fortunate in being able to attend Sunday Service there. It is a working church But it's also used by the community for various activities during the week Christmas time they have Choral society giving recitals. It takes a lot of money for the upkeep of this place. Dan Brown book The De Vinci Code Put new life into Rosslyn Chapel, before then the repairs were extensive and large sums of money was needed to even keep it wind and waterproof then 40,000 people a year may have come through their doors but that was just a drop in the ocean But Dan Browns book The De Vinci Code changed all that. The mystery he wrote in the book made the Chapel out that it was hoarding a secret along with The Lourve in Paris. That people who read the book wanted to believe that some of it was true. This was what saved the Chapel in the summer time 40.000 people come a month to visit The family set up a trust fund this is what has saved this lovely building and will provide the community of Rosslyn with a place of worship for many years to come.

Though we had had lovely weather during the day it wasn't going to last so by the time we got to the Golf Club the rain had returned. Our High Tea was at Dullatur Golf Club a place to ourselves overlooking the golf course and the food perfect. Everybody got what they ordered. The staff were efficient at their job,no waiting time in between the courses and the food was piping hot. A very successful days outing.


Scottish Tapestry at Stirling Castle U3A Scottish History group visit Saturday 7th March 2015

This was our "Special Scottish History Outing" There was no lying in bed listening to the rain battering against the windows. I had a mission today so it was up woman wash , dress and a hearty breakfast before I set out ( not to do battle) but to join my friends of The Scottish History Group U3A in LENZIE To relive history down through our ancestors at the castle in Scotland where it all began many many years ago .

Stirling Castle was hosting the Scotland Tapestry. This is a Special Tapestry. Tapestries are not something new. Large houses in the continent have tapestries hanging on their wall as well as on their floors Linlithgow Palace has a very old one on the side of a pillar which is dedicated to Queen Margaret King Malcolm 2nd wife. She was a very special Queen she carried on the work from St Columba bringing Christianity to the people of Scotland

This Scotland Tapestry which was being shown in King James 1 great Hall was fitting for such a great place. The sewing was impeccable so many people involved from all walks of life it was like an Army had volunteer to give something of themselves back to their homeland it was like reading a brightly colourful book giving us an insight of how our ancestors down through the ages had lived worked builds homes settled in Scotland making it their country. Many had travelled through continents looking for somewhere better than what they had left. Some came to plunder like the Vikings Since time began Scotland was never a peaceful nation if we weren't fighting our neighbours across the order we were helping others countries to help fight the auld enemy England. Thankfully today we are a peaceful nation and have learned to live with each other.

We could never be able to see this this work of Art in one day The Scotland Tapestry illustrates from the beginning of time when the first Man and Woman set foot in our soil right up to the present day. A magnificent feat something we in our generation may never see again I would urge those who haven't seen it and also those who have seen it visit it again you could never see enough of it and next time round you will discover something new something you may have missed the first time. I hope "Historic Scotland" have a place in mind where it could be on permanent show for everyone to view Our school children may find it more interesting than a normal history lesson with our past and future at eye level for them to see. This was a Special Outing for our Scottish History Group U3A in LENZIE. By Margaret Stirling – Scottish History Group coordinator.

Thursday 22nd May 2014 Scottish History Group Annual Spring Outing Inveraray. Our First stop was a visit to NTS Gardens at Cracrae part of the garden Then lunch in the Inveraray Castle Old Kitchen where we had lovely Lentil Broth Variety of Sandwiches Tea or Coffee and a lovely piece of shortbread which melted in your mouth then a tour of the Castle which we found very interesting we then finished our visit at Inveraray Jail Our society might be better off today if we still had some of the rules they applied in the 18th Century It was a nice dry day We had a spot of rain when we boarded the bus on our way home. Everyone agreed a very successful trip.

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