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Learn, laugh, live

Whickham and District u3a Committee have recruited three new Committee members and are now looking at THE WAY FORWARD, meaning how our present members and new members will be able to meet up in Interest Groups and attend the main monthly meeting, once the Government Guidelines allow.

Please keep looking at this website on a regular basis to access all the up and coming news.

Joining the u3a, you enter a stimulating organisation, fostering friendships and encouraging life long learning. Keeping active both mentally and physically, we know is a key to staying happy and healthy. The u3a offers excellent talks and discussions and a chance to participate in small groups that will widen your knowledge or perhaps cater for special interests you have already. All local u3as are self help groups in which members share with each other their own knowledge and experience.

In the Northumbria Regional u3a alone there are 52 groups with possibly more to follow and beyond that the Third Age Trust, National and International movements flourish. The organisation holds many National and Regional events as well as local ones.

Click on the u3a Tab at the side of this page, which will take you to the National Site that gives details of the history of the organisation and much more information.

There is no age limit, membership is open to anyone no longer in full time employment.

Onwards and Upwards

The Main Meetings at 2pm continue, some via Zoom and some 'face to face' as the Committee has decided to give members a choice of options so we can begin to move forward.

Meetings organised until the end of November 2021 are as follows.

Wednesday 8th September 2021 a Zoom presentation ‘Mo Mowlam’ by Anthony Atkinson. (Whickham and District u3a member)

Wednesday 29th September 2021 a Zoom presentation ‘The Commonwealth War Graves Commission’

Wednesday 13th October 2021 a ‘face to face’ presentation ‘The Red Kite Returns’ by Harold Dobson

Wednesday 20th October 2021 a Zoom presentation ‘Another Opening, Another Show’ by Simon Gilbert. (London u3a member)

Wednesday 10th November 2021 a ‘face to face’ presentation ‘Nostalgic Views of the North’ by John Moreels

Wednesday 24th November 2021 a Zoom presentation ‘A Schoolgirl’s War’ by author Mary Smith.

It is hoped that a Christmas Party can be arranged in December.

Our main activities centre on the Subject Groups. Some Groups are now meeting 'face to face' as well as some Groups continuing via Zoom. Please visit the Group Page for further details. The Groups are run by leaders well informed in their chosen subject and in many groups, members are welcome to share their own knowledge and experiences. Groups cover indoor and outdoor interests, cultural and otherwise, while social events also feature on the calendar.

There are 20 groups at the present time and if a topic you would like to see is not covered, then our Committee can help you start a new group.

The information below tells you about how the charity works in normal circumstances.

Our local u3a organisation has nearly 150 members from the areas around Whickham, including Blaydon, Lobley Hill, Marley Hill, Sunniside, Winlaton, Winlaton Mill and Rowlands Gill.

Members meet together on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 2pm in St. Mary's Centre, Church Chare, Whickham NE16 4SH. Sometimes there can be as many as 70-80 members that come along to this meeting. Talks are presented on a wide range of topics, given by speakers from the North East as well as u3a speakers from around the region. Occasionally there is a social event, for example the Christmas Party. At each meeting, besides the opportunity to meet existing friends and make new ones, you will be kept a breast of what's going on and enjoy coffee/tea and biscuits. Occasionally there is a free raffle.

How you can join

Contact the Membership Secretary from the Contact Page

The annual subscription for new members is £15 which covers all the groups you may wish to join. If a new member would like to have delivered to their door the Third Age Trust Magazine (TAM) which is issued quarterly then their is an extra charge of £3 to cover postage. The subscription fee is due on the 1st April each year.

A charge of £1 is made at the monthly meetings, which covers the cost of hall hire, refreshments and speakers fees.

The Subject Groups are self financing. Members of some groups may meet in member's houses, in which case a small fee is charged to pay for coffee/tea/biscuits. Members of groups requiring the use of a hall for their activities pay the appropriate amount to cover the cost of the hire of that hall and possibly other expenses.

You can contribute to the u3a at any level. Everyone is a volunteer. All help is welcome, whether helping with refreshments, putting out tables and chairs for the meetings, organising a group or standing for election as a Committee Member at the Annual General meeting.

A new Facebook Page has been organised. If you are able to access Facebook please visit
Whickham & District U3A and invite your friends to join. Also post what you've been getting up to within your u3a groups and share the experiences with your fellow members and their families. This is a private group and authorization from the Chair Arthur Coulson or the Group Coordinator/ Facebook Moderator Caroline Davison is required. Please go to the Contact Page