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Medium Size Meetings

MEDIUM ROOM HYBRID SCENARIO – (Typically For Physical Activity Related, Small Monthly, or Large Interest Group Meetings)

Setup for Medium Room Hybrid Meetings (e.g. 30-50 members)
This might be in pub rooms or small community halls where the venue is not providing relevant hardware, so the u3a will have to provide its own. This will require an investment in equipment.

It is preferable to have either a fast broadband with local Wi-Fi, or a direct Cat5 cable connection to the broadband router. If wi-fi isn’t available at the location but mobile 4g/5g coverage is, then a 'mobile router' is an alternative option. (see Mobile Broadband Alternatives to Wi-Fi)

Suggested equipment for an independent setup:-
Laptop with Zoom ( & Iriun app loaded (
USB HD Webcam with USB extension cable or Smartphone with Iriun app loaded (Apple Appstore or Google Play)
42” Telescopic Camera Tripod with Smartphone spring mount
Omnidirectional Cardiod USB Microphone on mounting Tripod (typically with 20 ft cable)
USB Repeater Extension Cable (extra length to suit distance from laptop to lectern)
HDMI Projector with powerful built-in Audio Speakers or VGA Projector for visuals combined with a 50 watt peak power output mini sound system with 3.5mm jack plug for audio

Sometimes venues might have a large widescreen TV with HDMI connectivity which also has built-in loudspeakers and may be adequate for the room.

This setup will allow one laptop showing PowerPoint presentations via Zoom screensharing to participants in the room/hall, and also live streaming it simultaneously to remote members on Zoom.

Pictogram of a Typical Setup

Medium Sized Room Setup Pictogram

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Photos of typical Medium Room Hybrid Setup

Medium Size Room Setup Pic 1 (courtesy of USA Minnesota Rotary District 5950)

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Medium Sized Room Setup Pic 2

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Video of a Typical Medium Room Setup

The USA Minnesota Rotary District 5950 have provided a 6.22 minutes long teaching video showing their “Going Hybrid: Small Meeting Hybrid Tech Setup”

Rotary District 5750 Small Meeting Title


They have also provided an accompanying Setup Guide at Rotary 5950 “Going Hybrid” Setup

And an accompanying Buying Guide at

This video by John Butler of Ravenshead u3a shows how a HDMI projector with a built-in loudspeaker can be used for both vision and sound in a Medium sized room

JB Medium Room Setup Pic

at :-

Medium Room Meeting Reference Information and Equipment Recommendations

Refer to Reference Articles/Links/Equipment for examples of typical equipment

Resolving Audio Feedback issues in Medium Meeting Settings

Audio feedback is the ringing noise (often described as squealing, screeching, etc) sometimes present in sound systems. It is caused by a "looped signal", that is, a signal which travels in a continuous loop.

Audio Feedback can also happen when two Zoom logins and therefore two devices with both microphones & loudspeakers, such as phones or tablets, exist with the same user in the same room.

The problem can occur in Medium Room settings as explained in this video by Toastmaster’s Hybrid Meetings specialist Markus Seppälä :

Echo in Hybrid Meetings

It is necessary to change the device settings to “Disconnect Audio” on all devices that could possibly create a sound output or receive a sound output in a room, with the exception of your main source microphone and output loudspeakers.