Technology Help - Hybrid Meetings

In Home Meetings

This webpage addresses meetings which are likely to be typically in a member's home, for example a Group Coordinator's/ Leader's home.

Setup for In Home- Meetings
This could be in a member’s house, in a small space with up to e.g. 6 people. For this scenario the most basic set up is often enough. A laptop set on the table in front of the group that are meeting physically and a Zoom meeting scheduled.

Remote members can then join the meeting as previously for Zoom meetings. The laptop’s camera and microphone will be used which means there will be limitations. The sound for remote members may be difficult as the sound quality of laptop microphones varies – some are more directional which means they may not pick up all the members meeting physically.

Members in the room will need to keep close to the laptop (but considering the Risk Assessment and applicable social distancing requirements). Similarly the laptop’s camera will not be wide angle, it will probably not visually pick up all members. However this shortcoming might not be considered a problem or is a limitation that can be lived with. To capture a wider view of the audience, we recommend using a webcam on the laptop or a smartphone as a camera connected over Wi-Fi to the laptop by the Iriun app.

If the laptop screen is too small, an old or cheap VGA projector projecting onto a light coloured wall might be an alternative affordable solution providing a large image showing all members that are online, not in the room.

Or if a wide screen home TV with HDMI capability is available and connected, (and the TV is selected as an audio loudspeaker output in Zoom) this will improve the visibility and sound for those in the room.

It is essential that the room has direct wired router access or a decent home wi-fi signal, and electric sockets are available for the use of extension leads if necessary.

Pictogram of a typical Shared Home Hybrid Meeting

Home Setup Pictogram

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Photo of a typical Shared Home Hybrid Meeting using an HDMI TV

Home Setup using HDMI TV

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Video of a typical Home Setup

John Butler describes a Home Hybrid setup with a Laptop, a cheap USB webcam, a cheap Cardoid lapel (Lavalier) microphone plugged into an external USB Audio adapter, and a short HDMI sound & vision cable connected to an HDMI enabled TV at :
Facebook Portal TV System

A new system, Facebook Portal TV, came on to the market in late 2021 and is being heavily promoted by Facebook, but is also designed to work with Zoom.

You can see how simple it is to set up and work with a widescreen tv by watching this video "How the Facebook Portal TV System Works" at How Facebook Portal TV Works

Reference Information and Equipment Recommendations

Laptop with Zoom ( app loaded

Optional Equipment Upgrade / Addition for enhanced setup

USB HD Webcam (with USB extension cable if required)
External USB Audio adapter with Simple cardioid lapel Microphone & 3.5mm jack plug
3 metre long HDMI cable to connect to HDMI enabled domestic TV

Refer to Reference Articles/Links/Equipment for examples of typical equipment