U3A Site Builder: Frequently-asked Questions

Adding Pictures

Can I put pictures onto my site?
Yes — once the site has been published.
Is there a limit to the number of pictures on the site?
Not one which any normal U3A site is likely to reach.
Are there any size constraints?
Pictures can be up to 1024 pixels wide — a reasonable width to fit nicely on most current screens.
What about the file formats?
The most generally-acceptable formats are .jpg, .png and .gif. Windows metafile format (aka "clip art") is less useful, as it can be seen only in Internet Explorer.
Any constraints on file names?
File names consisting of fewer than 64 characters, and just letters and numbers, are guaranteed trouble free. Don't include apostrophes or quotation marks in file names — they clash with the way those symbols are used by the Site Builder and links to the pictures will not work!
How many pictures on a page?
As many as you like. By default They will be displayed in "thumbnail" form next to or below the page text, each with a link to the corresponding "full-size" version, which is shown on a separate page.
Can I choose a different arrangement?
You can now incorporate thumbnail images in the main page text, but the placement is still subject to rules. The Site Builder uses a general-purpose algorithm to lay out its pages, which must work for all the possible combinations of text and pictures.
My U3A has its own logo. Can I put it in the page headers?
Yes — there is an option for that purpose. A logo placed on the site's Home page will be used by default for all the other pages.
Suppose I want some pages to have their own logo?
Upload the logo in the usual way and attach it to the appropriate page. It will then override the default.
What's special about the Home page picture?
Only that it's always shown in full when visitors first come to the site, so only one will ever be seen.
So what happens if I upload another one?
The one mest recently uploaded will be shown. The same applies to logos.

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