U3A Site Builder: Frequently-asked Questions


Why isn't there a "Links" button on my site?
Once you have entered some links, go to the "Admin" menu and use the "Buttons" option to activate the "Links" button."
How are links presented?
By default they appear in the sidebar of the appropriate page, and on the Links page itself, under the relevant page heading.
Can I change the order in which links appear on a page?
Links are first sorted by type: those to sub-pages come first, then to uploaded files, and finally to external URLs. Within those categories they are sorted alpha-numerically by the "link text" which you have chosen. To affect the order, you may need to put a small prefix onto each of the link texts, e.g. a) b) c) etc.
Can I classify large numbers of general links, so that all education links, or all transport links, come together?
Make a sub page for each set of links, giving each an appriate header, and choosing the main Links page as the "parent". Those pages will be linked from the main Links page, with the page header as link text.
Can I insert a link into normal text, or event details?
Yes — is now possible to make "in-line" links.
Can I set an expiry date for "short-term" links?
Yes — you can. Expired links will not be seen by visitors to your site, but can be removed, either individually or en masse with the "tidy up" option.
Does the Site Builder check external links?
It checks that URLs have the right format, but not whether they point to real web pages. You will need to do that yourself when you first enter the link, and periodically afterwards, as web resources sometimes disappear or change address.

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