U3A Site Builder: Frequently-asked Questions

Adding Documents

Can I put our U3A newsletters onto my site?
You can attach any documents to your site once it's been published.
Is there a "members only" part of the site for documents containing personal information?
Yes — you can load private documents into a password-protected area so that they can be seen only by members of your own U3A.
What's the best file format for uploaded documents?
The most useful is .pdf: (portable document format) aka "Acrobat", which browsers can usually show automatically. Plain text and HTML files are also trouble-free. Word-processor and other office-type files are more problematic, as visitors won't necessarily have the compatible software installed on their own computers.
What are the size constraints?
There's an overall upload limit of 14 megabytes for a single file, but it's advisable to stay well below that as it will take a long time for you to upload it and for visitors to download and view it.
Can I upload Flash or other "movie" files?
A better solution is to upload the movie to YouTube and use the "embed" option on the "Admin" menu to include it on the site. In that way you will by-pass any size restrictions, and the movie should be viewable on any computer.
Is there a limit to the number of uploaded files on the site?
Not on the number of files — maybe in future on the overall file space used. At present there is plenty of room.
How many files per page?
As many as you like. They'll be accessible from the page via sidebar links. More FAQs about links are here.
Any constraints on file names?
File names consisting of fewer than 64 characters, and just letters and numbers, are guaranteed trouble free. Don't include apostrophes or quotation marks in file names — they clash with the way those symbols are used by the Site Builder and links to the files will not work!

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