U3A Site Builder: Frequently-asked Questions


Is it risky to show people's personal details on the web?
Obviously you need to ask their permission first. Use the same discretion as you would when circulating those details on paper.
We only circulate details on paper to existing members!
You can do the same on the web, by putting private documents into a password-protected area so that only members can see them. See Adding Documents for more information.
If we publish email addresses, can we avoid "spam"?
To avoid unwanted advertising via email (spam) use the Add email menu option. Then visitors to the site will be able to send mail to nominated adresses, but the actual addresses won't be visible to the spammers.
I have tried doing that but a message to the nominated address never arrived. Why is that?
Provided that the address was right in the first place, the likely reason is that, because it being sent via a website, the message is being treated as spam. Check your spam folder, and "rescue" any legitimate messages. After a time your mail client should adjust.
The message isn't in the spam folder either. Where has it gone?
A few mail hosts (notably AOL) send what they think is spam back to the originator, without giving users the chance to see it. Messages which bounce back for that reason will be forwarded manually, but if possible please use a more accommodating mail service.
Can I just hit the reply button in my mail client to answer messages sent from the web site?
Yes — now you can!

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