U3A Site Builder: Frequently-asked Questions

Site Administration

Can more than one person edit our U3A site?
Yes — anyone who has a login name for the site.
Can each person have his or her own login name?
Yes — if that is how you wish to manage your own U3A's site. A login name can be assigned for a page editor, a site editor or an administrator.
Can group leaders have a login name just to edit their own page?
Yes — a "page editor" can edit the text of a single group page, and manage any sub-pages, pictures, links, events and contact details associated with it.
What about a site editor?
A site editor can edit any part of the site's content, but cannot perform administrative functions.
What administrative functions?
For one thing, the ability to add and remove other login names! Also the ability to change various settings governing the appearance of the site, view site statistics, and perform periodic "housekeeping".
Site statistics?
The software keeps a count of the number of times each page is "visited". (See the relevant help file for what a "visit" means.) Site administrators can periodically reset the count so as to monitor the way access patterns change over time.
Site housekeeping?
A quick "tidy-up" of obsolete data: notices, events and links which sre past their "show until" date, hidden groups and related pages. A good thing to do occasionally!

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