Page visits

This shows monthly statistics for how often each page has been requested. Totals probably include visits from search engine crawlers as well as people, but possibly omit instances where pages are loaded from a local browser cache. So the figures are not exact, but do provide a rough guide to the relative popularity of the pages.

Site profile

This shows basic statistics for the elements making up the site, plus the results of tests for possible problems, highlighted in red. Not all the highlighted conditions detected are necessarily "wrong", but they do draw attention to possible points for improvement, and should be examined in conjunction with advice in the linked Help text.

Remove pictures / Remove documents

This shows the size and age of files uploaded to the site, and provides an option for removing any which are no longer required. At present there is no standard limit on the space occupied by uploaded files,but it is good practice to remove any which are obsolete or otherwise redundant. The linked Help text in the Site Profile gives more detailed advice on this point.

Tidy up

This shows totals of any notices, events and links which are past their "show-until" date, plus "hidden" groups with associated pages. Also (possibly) unattached pages and other items which are unreachable due to other removals. You can then decide whether to remove items in one or all of these categories. It is sensible to tidy up periodically, but these actions are irreversible, so check that you will not lose anything which you later regret!


N.B. If you wish to print any of the above lists, right-click the relevant link and choose to open it in a new tab (or window) to get the list on its own without the sidebar menu. Then use the normal browser print option. Most modern browsers have a "print to file" option for creating a PDF, which can be saved and circulated electronically, if required.