The Welcome Page

The Welcome page should contain some introductory paragraphs about the U3A in general and your local U3A in particular. It might include something about the town or village where you are situated, a brief history of your U3A, the number of current members, the cost to join — whatever you think would be of interest to the general public, especially potential new members.

Entering page content

To enter or change the page content, click Edit text. It will bring up a data entry form with which to edit the page header and main text. See the Help files about basic text entry and simple text formatting for further details.


Notices are brief announcements which can be set to stay on the site for a limited time. They are displayed in a prominent "Notice Board" on the right side of the Welcome Page. Use them for "stop-press" news or quick reminders about events which are to occur in the immediate future.

Clicking the Notices option will bring up a a list of all existing notices for the site, including those which are past their"show-until" date. Click on any notice to remove or change it, otherwise use the data entry form to add a new notice.