Making Additional Pages

The options within this section allow you create, edit, remove or view group pages and sub-pages in your site. (Other additional pages may be activated or created via the Admin menu.)

Add group page

This option allows you to create a complete page of information about one or more individual study groups. Please read the group page help for full details.

Add sub-page

This option allows you to create a new page which is not tied to a particular group, . Please read the sub-page help for full details.

Change, Remove, or View page

You will be presented with a list of your current pages — click any one of them to complete the required action. The names of extra top-level pages are listed first (identified by *), followed by group pages, then sub-pages, (identified by +).

When editing a page, you may use the formatting options described here.

If you click Remove page and select the relevant page header, you will be asked to confirm that you no longer want it to appear on your site. Removing a page will also remove any items linked from it like pictures, documents, sub-pages, events and contact aaddresses. Removing a page is irreversible — you will not be able to reinstate it! If several groups point at the same page, you will have the option of "breaking" one or more of the links without removing the page altogether.


It is not a good idea to "remove" a page by blanking out its header! It will still be somewhere on your site, but because you can no longer see it in the Site Builder editor, it will be very difficult to get rid of it.