Add Group Page

This option allows you to create a complete page of information about an individual study group, or even a set of related study groups, for instance all the History groups, or all the French groups running in your U3A. Such information might include details of the exact time, frequency, duration, venue and format of group meetings; perhaps also the kind of activities undertaken and any special requirements or arrangements for joining.

When you select Add group page you will be presented with a list of the group names which currently do not already have an associated detail page. Select the name(s) for which you want to write the page, and click the button marked Make a new group detail page. You should then see a data entry form with which to add content to the page.

You enter the page text in the same way as you do for the five main pages. The page header will initially contain the name of the first or only group you selected, but you may change it if you wish. If several groups names point to the same page, the header probably should be changed to reflect the fact.

Once a group detail page has been created, the corresponding name(s) in the main group list will link to it. Individual group pages can greatly increase the scope and usefulness of a U3A web site, but bear in mind that the more detail they contain the more work is involved in keeping them accurate and up-to-date. There is no set format for these pages but it may be useful to decide on one which you apply consistently across your own site, making it easy for users to find the information they need.