The "Members" page is intended to display:

  1. Some introductory text,
  2. A list of member U3As whose details may be individually added or changed as circumstances require.

Edit text

Enter your text in the normal way.

Add member

Enter the name of the U3A, and the URL of its own external web site, if it has one. The U3A name will be shown on the Members page with a link to its own site. You may also use the division field to place the member in a category. It is your choice how you categorise your members. For example you might make geographical divisions, or distinguish between names of local U3As and and those of higher-level networks. Once you have entered a division name for one member, that name will be available for selection when subsequent member details are entered or changed, so you need type it in only once. Clicking on any division name while editing will automatically put it into the division text-box.

Change member

Select the the name of the member record to be changed, if you wish to correct its name, its division or the URL of its web site. If the member U3A has no external web site, you may at this stage create an internal page with information about it, linked as usual from the member name. A link to an external site for a member will always take precedence over a link to an internal page.

Remove member

Select the name of the member to be removed. Any associated page will be removed as well. To remove a member's internal page, without removing the group, use the normal Pages/Remove page option.