Entering Link Information

Links can be made either to external web sites or (once you have a published site) to uploaded documents. Using links can turn your web site into a "portal" to useful resources elsewhere on the internet, and extend its range into areas not currently supported by the Site Builder.

Links are added, changed and deleted in the normal way. If you want to link to one of your own files rather than an external source, you must upload it first. To do so, please use the Upload file option on the sidebar menu.

Add link

Use this option to make a link to an external resource, i.e. not an uploaded file. Select the page on which your link is to appear, enter the URL (web address), and the text which your visitors will click in order to follow the link. You may if you wish add further details about the site to which you are linking. N.B. the system will check whether any web address which you enter is well-formed, but not whether it corresponds with a real web resource! It is your responsibility to check your links, both when you first put them up, and periodically thereafter.

You may also set an expiry date for a link, although there is no need to do so if it is to remain on your site indefinitely. If a link is associated with a particular event, it is sensible to set an expiry date in line with that of the event. Expired links can be removed individually, or en masse via the Tidy up option in theAdmin menu.

If you come to the Add link screen after uploading a file, it will be treated as an internal link. The file name will be fixed, but you will need to fill all in the other information.

Change link

You will be shown a list of links on your site under their respective pages — click on the one which you wish to change. You will then have the opportunity to change the data, which will be checked in the usual way. N.B. it is not possible to change the file name for an uploaded document! Instead you must remove the original link, upload the replacement file, and then re-make the link.

Remove link

You will be shown a list of links on your site under their respective pages — click on the one which you wish to remove. Links to uploaded files will not appear in the list: instead use the "Files/Remove file" option to remove the file and the link to it will be removed automatically.

Making a sub-page will automatically generate a corresponding link. You cannot remove links of this kind — they are removed automatically if the sub-pageis removed. However you can change their link text and other details.

Links may also be placed "inline" within normal page text. See the help about inline links.