U3A Site Builder: Other Top-level Pages

Other buttons can be made to appear on the menu bar by site administrators — causing the pages listed below to be displayed. They are useful mainly once the core content has been entered, and the site is reaching the publication stage. Go to the Admin menu, click Buttons/Change button and tick the box by any button you wish to activate.

Site administrators may also create additional menu buttons leading to additional top-level pages. Once created, these pages can be selected via the Pages options on the standard editing menu, and changed or removed in the normal way. When an extra top-level page is removed, the corresponding button will be removed automaticall.

The "Home" page
The main function of this page is to show a representative picture for the site, and some accompanying text. Pictures can be uploaded to the site only once it is ready (or very nearly ready) for publication. At present the only way to show text to the Home page is as an accompaniment to a picture.
The "Links" page
Links to other sites (or to uploaded files) can be included on any page of the site. By default the "Links" page displays all the links together, under the relevant page headings, although editors may specify which links to include or omit.
The "Gallery" page
Pictures can be included on any page of a published site. The "Gallery" page is intended to display all the pictures together in "thumbnail" form. Clicking on any picture will bring up a page where it is shown at its full size. At present it is not possible to include text on the gallery page — it is just an automatically generated collection of pictures.
The "Sitemap" page
This page shows an overview of the page hierarchy, with links which enable visitors to go to any other page directly. It is mainly useful for sites which include a large number of sub-pages.