U3A Site Builder: Basic Site Structure

When a site is first created, it will show a menu bar with links to four top-level pages:

The "Welcome" page:
This is the page which visitors to your site will read first, so it should contain a general introduction to your U3A. You will be able to choose the page heading, and then enter one or more paragraphs of information.
The "Groups" page:
This is intended to show some general information about how your study groups are run, followed by a list of individual groups, which can be added, changed and removed independently.
If you are editing a regional or network site, the Groups page will be replaced by a "Members" page, which lists the member U3As.
The "Events" page:
This is intended to show information about activities planned for the whole membership: monthly meetings, outings, social events — any event which is arranged for a particular date.
The "Contact" Page:
This is intended to show information about how to get in touch. E-mail addresses for designated contacts can be registered, and used to present an on-line with which visitors to the site can messages directly

Follow this link for details of other standard menu buttons (Links, Gallery, Site Map) which can be activated by site administrators to show automatically-generated content.

Other pages can be created as the site develops:

The Site Builder menus provide options to add, edit and change information on all the above pages. More detailed instructions are available for each.