U3A Site Builder: Editing

Please use the menu on the left to create and update your web site.

Each of the four main pages (Welcome, Groups, Events and Contact) should contain one or more introductory paragraphs, which you type in and edit as normal text.

Then use the options from the menu on the left to enter details of your activity groups and forthcoming events, which can be individually added, removed and changed.

If you wish, you may also:

N.B. Options for adding pictures and uploading documents will become available only once your site has been officially "published".

If you are a a site administrator you are able to make decisions affecting the management and appearance of the whole site. Click Admin Menu in the sidebar for more information, and another new set of options.

More detailed instructions about entering each page's content will be shown when you select the relevant option.

After entering or changing any information, you will be able to see it in its updated form. To look at all your current pages, select View full site from the menu, and it will be displayed exactly as it will appear to your readers, in a separate browser window.

When you have finished using the Site Builder, press Log out.