Administrator Menu

These functions allow you to manage your site and collaborate with other members of your U3A who are assisting you. For more details see the separate Help files for the options on the sidebar menu:

Colours: Change the colour-scheme for your site, or revert to the default colours.

Buttons: Add new items to the main menu-bar, change button captions and visibility.

Customisation: Choose how some elements of your site are displayed.

Extras: Add a Google calendar or YouTube video to your site.

Editors: Add, remove and change the details of other editors for your site.

Utilities: See statistics about your site's content and performance; use "housekeeping" options.

Select Main Menu to return to normal site editing, and View Full Site to see your site in a separate window. (If you prefer to see it in a new browser tab, right-click on the link with the mouse and choose Open Link in New Tab from the pull-down menu.)