About the U3A Site Builder

This software is used to create small public U3A web sites, aimed at both current and possible new members who are used to finding information on the World-Wide Web. All the sites so created have a similar layout and appearance, but the content of each is specific to a particular U3A.

Sites are created using on-line forms to enter information, which is then stored in a database, and used to make complete web pages whenever anyone asks to see them.

Any U3A member may create a site for his or her local group, using the option to Make a New Site. You will be asked to enter the name of your U3A, your own name and e-mail address, and to choose a "log-in name" to act as a password. You will need to enter the same log-in name every time you want to change or update your site.

Once registered, you will be presented with a menu allowing you to add content to your new site. Each main menu option has some associated "Help" text explaining what to do. Anything you enter can easily be deleted or changed, so do not worry about making mistakes initially — experiment with the system until you feel confident with it. Use the supplied e-mail address to seek help if you encounter any problems.

The Site Builder menu has an option to View full site which you can use at any time to see how the site would look to visitors. However, a site under construction is not publicly visible — it can be accessed only through your log-in name.

Some organisational formalities will be required once you and your fellow-members are ready to make your site public. At that stage, please use the supplied e-mail address to request publication. All being well, your site will be assigned its own web address and space for pictures and uploaded documents. You can then inform your fellow-members, the U3A national office (website@u3a.org.uk), and other interested parties.

Your work is not finished once the site is published — it will need to be kept up to date so that it continues to provide a good account of your U3A's activities. You can use the same log-in name and menu options to add, remove and alter the site content throughout its lifetime.