The "Events" page is intended to display:

  1. Some general introductory text about the sort of events which you run, for instance monthly meetings and trips.
  2. Specific details of each event, which may be individually added, removed or changed as circumstances require.

Edit text

The introductory text should include information about regular events, for instance the daya, time, venue and format of monthly meetings. Those details will remain at the the top of the page, as the list of specific events - managed by the options below - changes over time.

Add event

The form allows data about one event at a time to be registered. Enter:

When you Save the information you will have the option to add another event at once, or check (and possibly change) the details which you have just entered.

On your website, events will be shown within their respective categories. Visitors to the site can view the the list by category or in strict date order. By default, group-related events will be shown on both the relevant group detail page and the main "Events" page. Events whose date is past when a user views your site are not shown, but their records remain in the database. All event details may be changed — see the next section — so the same database record may be "re-used" to represent another future event.

Change event

Brief details of all (future and past) events will be displayed. Click on one event whose details you wish to change, for instance where you wish to notify people about a cancellation, or alter the date of a regularly-occurring event. If there is no immediate response, press the button marked Change the Marked Event. The event details will be shown in editable form, and when you Save the information you will have the option to see the effect of your changes.

Remove event

Brief details of all (past and future) events will be displayed. Tick the box besides one or more events whose details you wish to remove, and click the Remove button. (It is useful to remove records of past events periodically, if they are unlikely to be needed again.)