It is possible to register a number of editors for a site, to share the work of keeping it up to date. An editor's "status" defines the limit of his or her responsibilities:

Add Editor

This allows you to register additional editors for your site. A new login name must not be the same as any existing name in the Site Builder database. It is the unique identifier for the editor record and must be between 8 and 10 characters in length.

The password is used to provide additional security, so should not be too easy for an unauthorised visitor to guess. It must be exactly 12 characters long and ideally should contain both upper and lower-case letters and digits.

The label field allows you to attach a readable sequence of characters to the login name, to help you to remember which U3A member is using it, or what role they perform.

The email address allows editors to be identified by the support team in the event of a request for help with problems that the site administrator cannot resolve. It is mandatory for all new editors.

If you create a login name for a page editor, you must also select the name of an existing page from the pull-down menu, which he or she is to manage.

Change Editor

This option allows you to change any of the details associated with an editor except the login name itself. To "change" a login name, register an editor with the new login name first, together with other details from the existing entry. Then remove the old entry for that editor as described below.

Remove Editor

This allows you to remove an editor associated with your site, unless it is the only one with administrative rights. You will not need to enter the login name itself, just select the one associated with the visible label.