These forms allow you to change some aspects of the standard menu buttons, and, if you wish, create extra menu buttons and their associated pages.

Change buttons

The form lists all the menu buttons defined for your site, and any fixed page content associated with them. Those with a "tick" in the preceding box will be shown on the main menu bar. Buttons can be selected or de-selected by ticking or un-ticking the relevant box. The "Links" and "Gallery" pages are mainly collections of items which have been defined for other pages on the site, so it is not worth selecting those buttons unless there is something worth showing on the corresponding page.

You may also change the caption of any button — e.g. change "Welcome" to "About us" or "Events" to "Activities". If you do, it will be sensible to alter the heading of the corresponding page to match in some way. As space on the menu bar is limited, the maximum length for a caption has been set at 12 characters.

Add button

To make a new menu button, enter its caption in the box provided, and click one of the radio buttons to choose its position. (Buttons cannot be placed before "Home" or after "U3A" — the link to the Third Age Trust). Then enter the heading and some text for the associated page, and submit the form.

After creating an additional button you may subsequently change its caption, and its visibility on the menu-bar. You cannot alter its position there, or the page with which it is associated. The associated page can be edited in the usual way, and appear in selection lists for links, pictures and other elements like any other page.

Removing a button

If you no longer require a button, remove its associated page via the main menu in the normal way. (You will be able to do so only if you are logged in as a site administrator.) The button will be removed, along with any other elements on that page, like links or pictures.