The "Contact" page is intended to display:

  1. Information about the various ways in which users of your site can contact you.
  2. An online form with which users can send an e-mail message to a U3A contact.

The text you enter here should include details of possible ways to get in touch, for instance by attendance at monthly meetings or one-off enrolment sessions. You may also wish to show the names of your committee members. Basic security advice is that any member whose telephone number is shown on the site should be asked their permission first, and that it is best to avoid showing private home addresses. It is also better to use the "Add email" option described below to record email addresses, rather than entering them as plain text.

Add Email

The form provides a box to enter an e-mail address for a U3A contact. You may have as many email addresses as you need, but, if there is more than one, each must be given its own label, e.g. "General enquiry", "Membership secretary", etc. You may also select another page from the pull-down list at the top of the data entry form, thus a group leader's email can be associated with the relevant group page, and visitors to the site can contact him or her directly. When you Save the address its format is checked; if it does not look valid a warning is shown and you will be asked to try again.

If there is an e-mail address for your site, the "Contact" page will display an on-line form for visitors to send a message. If there is more than one address, all the labels will be shown so that visitors can choose the most relevant to their enquiries. Contact addresses for group pages produce an icon on the page which visitors can click to get an on-line form. By default, no email addresses appear anywhere on the site, either visibly or invisibly, so they will not be a target for automatically-generated "spam".

Links to an email address may also be placed "inline" within normal page text. See the section about contact addresses in the general instructions for showing inline page elements.

Change / Remove Email

All the current contact addresses will be shown; select any one to delete or change in the usual way. The "Change" option uses the same form as the one for adding new entries.