Data protection.

The General Data Protection Regulations. GDPR. 25th May 2018.


On May 25th 2018 the new General Data Protection Regulations came into effect. This European regulation supersedes the Data Protection Act, and is the most advanced data protection legislation in the world.

A working party of our U3A committee has been working through the sample policy and guidance that has been sent out by the Third Age Trust.

We now have a new Data Protection Policy, which has been amended to include more reference to our interest groups. We have also looked at several changes that we will have to make to increase the privacy and security of data we hold, and raised a number of questions, which will need further work over the coming months.

The Policy has been considered at the Committee meeting held on the 10th May, agreed unanimously, and will be formally adopted as from 25th May 2018.

You may well have received a number of requests recently from companies or organisations, asking you to agree to continue your data consent with them. However, because in U3A we renew membership data every year, we have been advised by the Third Age Trust that we have no need to contact every member over this. When you renew your membership at the end of the year, the completed membership form is then your consent. This will save us a lot of work and expense!

Linked here are files that show:

the Data Protection Policy , the Privacy Statement , and the Guidance Notes

The Working Party will meet again in future to consider summary procedures we need to put into place, to ensure the committee and the groups keep data securely, and fulfil the meaning of the GDPR. Watch this space!

Frank Taylor.
On behalf of the Data Protection Working Party.