Committee Members and Minutes

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1.U3A Officers and Committee Members from AGM 2022

Please note these details are still in the process of updating following the AGM.

Chairman:Marjorie Taylor 2024
Vice Chairman:Janet Elliott 2025
Secretary:Eileen Narain 2025
Treasurer:Paul Fisher 2025


2.Committee Members
Groups Co-ordinator:Jenny Grimes 2025
Membership Secretary:David Grimes 2023
Newsletter Editor:Robin Taylor 2023
Speakers Secretary:Roy Gonsalves 2023
Committee members:Liz Wolstenholme 2025, Jacquie Melia 2024
Committee Members:Julie Whitehead 2025, Vacancy.
Co-opted Members:


3.Committee Support Team
Special Events:Gill Kilbey, Liz Wolstenholme
Refreshment Co-ordinator:Janet Elliott, Liz Wolstenholme, Sue Monk
Webmaster:Frank Taylor
ICT Support Team:Jonathan Pickup, Stan Unsworth
Publicity Officer:Mary-Ann Renton


4.Vacancies Committee or Support

If you need to contact the above there are some details on the back of the monthly Newsletter. Otherwise send an email via the "Contact Us" Page of the Website and it will be forwarded.

Précis of Committee Role Descriptions
– from September 2016

The Chairman provides leadership and ensures that the charitable objectives and guiding principles of the U3A are maintained.

Key tasks include Chairing Committee Meetings and the AGM and hosting the General Meetings. The Chairman also represents Clitheroe U3A at Local/Regional and National Events as required. An important role is to listen to members and respond to concerns and suggestions.

The Vice Chairman is there primarily to provide support and backup to the Chairman at all times and to deputise for the Chairman when required.

General responsibilities include organising volunteers, keeping updated Meet and Greet Teams, Reception Teams and the Refreshment Team Rota, always liaising with the Newsletter Editor and organising the refreshments for the monthly coffee mornings.

The Treasurer:
• Receives and banks all income including Membership and Group Activities.
• Is responsible for the payment of bills through a Cheque Book account, including fees to The Third Age Trust, equipment purchase and Group Activities.
• Reconciles income and expenditure with bank account statements and reports to the Committee on the state of U3A finances.

The Secretary is the person most involved in the practical organisation of the U3A. The Chairman and Secretary need to work closely together to ensure that correct procedures and effective communication are in place.

Groups Co-ordinator
The Groups’ Co-ordinator has two main roles.
• Advising and helping new interest groups to set up.
• Assisting the smooth running of existing groups.
Responsibilities include:
• Keeping the Group Conveners’ Handbook up-to-date.
• Maintaining accurate records of: contact details, meeting times of groups & availability of meeting rooms.
• Upholding the U3A ethos of collaborative learning.

A key part of the role is acting as a channel of communication between Group Convenors and the Committee.

Group Convenor
The Group Convenor takes a leading role in co-ordinating the activities of an Interest Group and is the link with the Groups’ Co-ordinator. A key responsibility is encouraging members to plan and lead activities that help the Interest Group to be lively and dynamic.

Membership Secretary
The Membership Secretary ensures that accurate and up to date records of membership are kept. This role can be shared and requires the holder(s) to be computer literate and to be able to be present at Monthly Meetings.

Programme (Speaker) Secretary
The Programme or Speaker Secretary ensures that there is a variety of speakers at Monthly Meetings and actively seeks potential speakers through networks with other U3As and appropriate organisations.

Newsletter Editor
The Newsletter Editor ensures that the membership is kept updated with local and national news. Thee monthly newsletter is a vital source of information to all members and is a way of publicizing the work of U3A to the local community and to local U3As.

ICT Co-ordinator
The ICT Co-ordinator oversees all (technical) equipment used for learning both at the monthly General Meeting and within the groups. A team is being developed to share these responsibilities. To ensure that General Meetings run smoothly, the sound system and projection equipment are set up before meetings and packed away afterwards. Group Convenors are supported in the provision and effective use of equipment, which has been provided in agreement with the committee. Training is available on request.

Publicity Officer
The Publicity Officer helps to raise the profile of the U3A and ensures that information is widely available so that people are aware of the positive benefits of the U3A and how they can become a member.

Key tasks include establishing local contacts for the dissemination of information, submitting brief reports to the Clitheroe Advertiser and Times and liaising with the Webmaster, Programe Secretary and Newsletter Editor to publicise events.

Refreshment Co-ordinator
The Refreshment Co-ordinator oversees the serving of refreshments at all the monthly meetings

Special Events Sub-Committee
The Special Events sub-committee arranges Events as agreed by the Committee including an annual Christmas Lunch and Summer Event and is involved with identifying appropriate venues and entertainment.

The Webmaster controls the web content and is responsible for maintaining and developing the website and keeping it up to date. The website is a vital source of information to members and the wider community.

Full Role Descriptions are available on request from The Secretary.
Minutes of the u3a Clitheroe Committee Meeting held on 10th March 2022
at Clitheroe Golf Club.

Present: Philip Bradshaw (Groups / IT Co-ordinator), Janet Elliott (Vice-Chair), Paul Fisher (Treasurer), Roy Gonsalves (Programme Secretary), Alison Hoyle (Chair), Gill Kilby, Jacqui Melia, Eileen Narain (Secretary), Marjorie Taylor (Vice Chair), Robin Taylor (Newsflash Editor), Julie Whitehead

1 Apologies for absence were received from David Grimes and Liz Wolstenholme

2 Minutes of the previous meeting
The Minutes of the meeting held on 13th January were accepted as an accurate record and duly signed by the Chairman.

3 Matters arising from the Minutes
3.1 Coffee mornings (14.2) – Janet reported that she had received one response from a person willing to help with coffee mornings but that they did not want the total responsibility.
Action: Janet will put a further note in Newsflash saying that one volunteer has come forward but that more volunteers are needed if the coffee mornings are to be renewed.
An alternative to the bi-monthly meetings would be a twice yearly event at somewhere like the Swan & Royal to advertise u3a and attract new members.
There was a general discussion about how to involve more members, and particularly newer members in this sort of activity.
Action: Julie (W) will discuss with David the possibility of sending an email to all new members asking them to think about how they may contribute to the running of u3a activities such as joining the committee or helping to run events like the coffee mornings.
It was suggested that Trinity Church hall may be a suitable venue to hold a coffee morning. It was agreed to try a session there – date to be confirmed.

4 Correspondence
Members had received various items of correspondence as itemised in the agenda.
Eileen further reported that, since circulating the agenda, she had received and circulated information from National about the u3a training sessions and a notification from St. Mary’s about changes to the lower hall which would have implications for the fire exits.
Action: Philip will make any necessary amendments to the notice on the overhead projector to make members aware of any changes at St Mary’s.

5 Chairman’s Report
Alison took this opportunity to thank those members of the committee whose terms of office have come to an end.
Julie and Philip Bradshaw have between them completed 20+ years of service on the committee in various capacities and have done sterling work in supporting the activities of our u3a.
Gill Kilbey has completed 6 years of service and has been a stalwart of the Special Events committee and intends to continue this work off committee.
The committee showed their appreciation with a round of applause.

6 Treasurer’s Report
6.1 The accounts for January and February were presented (copy in the Minutes folder). The balance in the bank on 28th February was £6382. Subscriptions are still coming in.
6.2 Forecast – Paul reported that the forecast (copy in Minutes folder) for monies in the account next April is approximately £3750 taking account payments to National for TAM, insurance etc. This is highly dependent on the number of members’ subscriptions – currently based on 370.
6.3 Foxfields – Paul reported that there was a profit of approximately £150 after payment for the lunch at Foxfields but no tip had been paid to the staff.
Action: A tip of £100 will be given to the staff of Foxfields for their service at the lunch. Gill will speak to the manager to ensure that this goes to the staff.
6.4 Playreading group – Paul reported that the group were encountering difficulties in paying for their venue with the limit of charging £2 per head per session.
It was agreed that the group could be subsidised from central funds with a review in September though the group could perhaps look for alternative, cheaper premises.

7 Group Co-ordinator’s report
7.1 Groups
• Genealogy has started as a new group.
• Most groups are now holding ‘live’ meetings with one or two exceptions such as Scientific Enlightenment which formerly used the community room at the Fire Station.
• Val Moreland is hoping to start a new group about The Renaissance in September.
• A Painting short course is being planned.
• Garden study may restart with Jenny Grimes as convenor but help is needed with this.
• Wendy Richardson will restart Bird Watching in Spring and possibly Italian.
7.2 Mileage rates – in view of the rising cost of fuel it was agreed that the mileage rate for car sharing should be increased to 30p per mile.
Action: Philip will let group convenors and leaders of short courses know of the rise and will put a short note in Newsflash to this effect.
7.3 Equipment
• Philip handed over a laminator to Robin.
• It was agreed that two old laptops in Philip’s possession should be disposed of.
•The Apple laptop bought for presentations at general meetings and group convenor matters will be handed over to Jenny Grimes who is taking over as Groups Co-ordinator.
•Philip has set up a template for the overhead projection each month and this rarely changes apart from the name of the speaker. He will also pass this over to Jenny and she can decide whether to continue with it, or see if someone else will take on this responsibility.
7.4 Powerpoint skills – Philip suggested that a short course on presentation skills may be useful. Jacqui and Paul both offered to help with this. After discussion on the format this would take the following was decided.
Action: Eileen will put a notice in Newsflash about the intention to start a Presentation Skills Development course and ask people to register their interest with Eileen.
Action: Philip will write to group convenors and ask them to let their members know about the possibility of this course.
7.5 Lectern for general meetings – it was agreed that it is necessary to purchase one.
Action: Paul to investigate.
7.6 Group report for AGM
Action: Philip to send to David for circulation with the April Newsflash.
7.7 Zoom licence – Philip reported that the Zoom licence will run out in July. The annual cost is approximately £200.
It was agreed to let the contract lapse when it comes up for renewal.

8 Reports from other meetings
8.1 Diversity and Inclusion questionnaire - Marjorie reported that she had attended a recent Diversity and Inclusion course and this had included a recommendation for groups to send out a questionnaire to their members to assess whether members have any impairments which could affect their participation in our activities. A Diversity and Inclusion lead was also recommended. After some discussion the following was agreed.
Action: Marjorie and Eileen will meet to look at how the form can be adapted to make it more appropriate for our membership.
8.2 Diversity and Inclusion Policy – It was agreed that the u3a’s standard policy on Diversity and Inclusion should be adopted.
Action: Eileen will ask Frank Taylor to put the policy on the website and will report its adoption in Newsflash.

9 Reports from sub committees

10 Publicity / Website / Newsflash
Robin reported that Philip’s request that group convenors use a template for reporting their activities had had some success. He requested that items are sent to both his official and personal email addresses.

11 Special Events
Marjorie reported that
• A group from the Special Events team had gone to inspect the bandstand in the castle grounds.
• There was a large number of chairs available under the bandstand
• The team needed to complete a long application form from the council, the team will complete in due course.
• The u3a insurance certificate was required to accompany the form.
• The times will be 2 – 3.30 pm
• St Mary’s hall will be used if raining.
• Bunting from the u3a Day in 2021 will be used as decoration.
• The café near the Bowling Green has offered to provide a mini afternoon tea with hot drink for £8 per head. There is another offer of £5 per head but it is not clear what food is on offer and logistically it is further away
• The event will be closed and ticketed.
• There are some mobility issues but the bandstand can be accessed via the Eshton Terrace entrance.
• There were various suggestions for entertainment.
It was agreed that we should use the café near the bowling green and that members be charged £5 per head and the extra £3 will be subsidised.

12 Membership Secretary’s Report
In David’s absence Julie (W) reported that 85 members had attended the monthly general meeting last Tuesday.
There is some confusion about the number of paid up members as some members are the non-payment list have paid their subs. Some members renewed at the meeting.
Action: Julie and Paul will meet with David on his return to confirm numbers.

13 Programme Secretary’s Report
13.1 Roy reported that he had now completed the programme for 2022.
13.2 Roy also reported that he had invited a speaker for September when we are to have U3a 40th anniversary celebrations.
Action: Roy will cancel the speaker for that day and ask him to present at a future meeting.

14 Any Other Business
14.1 Venues – a member had sent information about the Kingdom Hall venue in Clitheroe to be added to the list

On behalf of the Committee Marjorie thanked Alison for her hard work and commitment over the past two years in keeping our u3a running successfully during a very difficult period. The Committee showed their appreciation with a round of applause.

15 Date of next meeting – 12th May 2022


Minutes of the u3a Clitheroe Committee Meeting held via Zoom 13th January 2022

Present: Philip Bradshaw (Groups Convenor / IT Co-ordinator), Janet Elliott (Vice-Chair), Paul Fisher (Treasurer), Roy Gonsalves (Programme Secretary), David Grimes (Membership Secretary), Alison Hoyle (Chair), Jacquie Melia, Eileen Narain (Secretary), Marjorie Taylor (Vice Chair), Robin Taylor (Newsflash Editor), Julie Whitehead
In attendance: Mary Ann Renton, Frank Taylor

1 Apologies were received from Julie Bradshaw.

2 Minutes of the previous meeting
The Minutes of the meeting held on 11th November were accepted as an accurate record and duly signed by the Secretary.

3 Matters arising - from the Minutes
3.1 Recruitment and Retention (3.1) – The meeting between Janet and Julie (W) as to how to take this matter forward has yet to take place but will do so in due course.
3.2 Induction session for new trustees (11.2) - Eileen has not yet arranged an induction session in March for new trustees because of the uncertainty surrounding when the AGM 2022 will be held.
3.3 Committee Badges (3.1) – Jacquie reported that she had not yet received a badge. Robin will arrange for her to receive one.

4 Correspondence
Members had received various items of correspondence as itemised in the agenda.
Eileen further reported that, since circulating the agenda, she had received and circulated information from National about the annual insurance policy and an upcoming workshop on Diversity and Inclusion.

5 Chairman’s Report
There was some discussion about whether the AGM scheduled for 1st February 2022 should be postponed in view of the uncertainty of Covid restrictions and of having a quorum even if the meeting was to go ahead face to face. If the meeting was moved onto Zoom there is no possibility of voting papers being sent out and returned at short notice.
It was agreed that the meeting on 1st February should be conducted via Zoom and that therefore the AGM should be postponed until the April meeting (12th April)
• Robin will continue with his presentation on ‘Shoes’ with possible contributions from Jacquie and possibly a quiz, and will be held on 1st February as originally planned via Zoom.
• Roy will contact the speaker for April explaining that the AGM has had to be postponed until April and moving their presentation to 14.30.
• David will send a communication to members, via email and post to those not on email, that the February general meeting will be via Zoom and that the AGM will be postponed until April.
• Eileen will prepare voting papers in case it is necessary to hold the April AGM via Zoom, and later in January will reconvene the sub committee planning the AGM to work out the new timetable.
• The Committee were reminded that due to the postponement of the AGM until April current members will remain in post until that time and will need to attend the March committee meeting.

6 Treasurer’s Report
6.1 The accounts for November and December were presented (copy in the Minutes folder). The balance in the bank on 31st December was £3664.
6.2 Audit of accounts – Paul has arranged for the accounts to be audited by Emily Watnik from Todmorden u3a next week.
6.3 Forecast – Paul reported that the forecast (copy in Minutes folder) for monies in the account next April is approximately £4200. This is highly dependent on the number of members’ subscriptions – currently based on 370.
Action: David to add a reminder about payment of subscriptions into the letter he will send out about the postponement of the AGM.

7 Publicity / Website / Newsflash
7.1 Website – Frank reported on the number of hits on the website for 2021 by month. There was a steady 400+ hits per month. Frank repeated his request for updates on events from group convenors.
7.2 Publicity – Mary-Ann confirmed that she put news of Clitheroe u3a in Castle View. She sought clarification concerning her request that we ask members if there is anyone with expertise in social media.
Action: Mary-Ann will draft an insert for Newsflash asking if any members have expertise in social media and if they would be willing to advise.
7.3 Notices of general monthly meetings in public places – it was suggested that the notice of the general monthly meeting be printed from Newsflash each month and put on the noticeboards in places such as Sainsbury’s / Booths etc. It was agreed that this could be done on an informal basis, each member of the committee could undertake to print off that page from Newsflash and put it up in their local supermarket or other suitable venue, if appropriate. It was further agreed that this should wait until normal service is resumed.
It was also suggested that notices are put in the Council noticeboards. Permission would be needed as these are usually locked. This item will go on the agenda for May.
7.3 Newsflash - Robin mentioned difficulties with group convenors not giving full information about groups for entry in Newsflash.
Action: Philip will send convenors a template covering all details and send to the group convenors requesting that they use this when sending information to Robin.

8 Special Events
8.1 Winter lunch at Foxfields – 40 people have so far registered their intention to attend this event. Gill Russell will be the speaker and we will provide her lunch.
8.2 Reception rota – Marjorie reported that she was working from a 2019 rota and she was unsure whether some people on the rota were still members.
Action: David will send Marjorie an up to date Reception rota.
8.3 Refreshments at the general meeting – Marjorie reported that Liz and Mr and Mrs Monks had agreed to take responsibility for bringing supplies to the meeting.
8.4 u3a 40th Anniversary celebrations – Marjorie had previously circulated a paper to the committee with some suggestions as to how to celebrate the 40th anniversary of u3a.
It was agreed
• A picnic in the castle grounds is a good idea – need to check on permissions.
• That this could be held instead of the monthly general meeting on 13th September
2022 (no speaker has yet been confirmed for that date so no need to cancel)
• Should it rain the event could be held in St. Mary’s (?).
• That a small planning group should be convened to plan the event. Marjorie asked
committee members to consider joining herself and Liz and Gill on the planning group to spread the workload. A note will go in Newsflash requesting volunteers from within the membership to help with the planning.
• Publicity for the event will be via all the usual channels.
• The planning group will consider which dignitaries, representatives of other u3a’s etc
to invite.
• That this event will replace the annual u3a Day usually held in June.
• That the planning group will provide Paul with an estimate of costs in due course.

9 Membership Secretary’s Report (in Minutes folder)
9.1 Monthly general meetings - members attending the December 2021 and January 2022
monthly meetings were 58 and 70 (approx. – held on Zoom) respectively.
9.2 Current membership is 169 fully paid up members as of 12th January (changing daily). There were 7 new members in December and 5 in January. 229 members have not yet responded.
9.3 Membership Secretary support – David reported that Julie (Whitehead) is now helping him with the membership.

10 Programme Secretary’s Report
10.1 March general meeting - As it is still uncertain which restrictions will be in place in March it is difficult to know whether the general meeting will be held via Zoom or face to face. It is anticipated that we will know more at the end of January.
Action: Roy will let the March speaker know that there is a possibility that the March meeting may have to be conducted via Zoom and ascertain whether he is prepared to do so. Support can be offered if the speaker is unfamiliar with Zoom.
10.2 Future meetings – Roy reported that he had yet to arrange a speaker for August and December but was hoping the Singing for Pleasure group may be available for the December meeting.

11 Group Convenor’s Report
11.1 Annual report – Philip reported that he had sent his AGM annual report for 2021 to Frank for the website. At the end of 2021, 27 groups were in existence of which 17 had resumed physical meetings, 1 still using Zoom. It is anticipated that more groups will resume by Spring.
However due to the emergence of Omicron the current situation is that 5 groups are now meeting via Zoom, 12 groups intend to meet face to face, 7 are yet to restart and 3 are undecided but will email their members to canvass their opinions.
Decision: It was agreed in the absence of further advice from authorities group convenors should be allowed to make the decision as to whether to hold face to face meetings, taking account of their members’ wishes.
Action: Alison will use her piece in the next Newsflash to inform members that the committee does not wish to be prescriptive in its advice to group convenors as we consider it is up to group convenors and members (within current regulations) to decide for themselves whether they are comfortable with face to face meetings. Account also needs to be taken of the requirements of the venue, eg wearing masks, which may restrict certain groups.
11.2 Information to other u3as – Philip had been asked by one of the short course tutors whether information on our activities was being sent to other members of the cluster group. It was confirmed that other than the website links information was not being sent to the other u3as but the cluster group meetings were resuming in March.

12 Reports from sub committees
AGM Planning sub committee
• Eileen reported that she had circulated the Notes from the previous meeting but in view of the decision to postpone the AGM things had now moved on.
• Eileen will reconvene the sub committee in order to set the timetable for any issues to be resolved and to revise the Chairman’s script.
• The reports etc on the website can remain there.

13 Reports from other meetings
Diversity and Inclusion - Eileen reported that she had attended via Zoom a session organised by the national Diversity and Inclusion committee and had circulated notes with the agenda. The two main issues to be taken from the session were the need to be self aware of our own prejudices, and to be careful of our language when talking about or to the groups on the protected characteristics list from the Equality Act 2010.
Eileen further reported that u3a Clitheroe does not currently has a Diversity and Inclusion policy. She will circulate the standard policy adopted by u3a national for discussion and adoption at the next committee meeting.
Marjorie reported that she will be attending the session on 19th January.

14 Any Other Business
14.1 Venues – Frank agreed to send information about West Bradford Village Hall to Eileen for inclusion on the list.

14.2 Coffee mornings
Action: Janet will write something to go in Newsflash requesting volunteers to help resume and run the bi-monthly coffee mornings.

15 Date of next meeting – 10th March 2022


Minutes of the u3a Clitheroe Committee Meeting held at Clitheroe Golf Club 11th November 2021

Present: Julie Bradshaw, Philip Bradshaw (Groups / IT Co-ordinator), Janet Elliott (Vice-Chair), Paul Fisher (Treasurer), Roy Gonsalves (Programme Secretary), David Grimes (Membership Secretary), Alison Hoyle (Chair), Gill Kilbey, Jacquie Melia, Eileen Narain (Secretary), Marjorie Taylor (Vice Chair), Robin Taylor (Newsflash Editor), Julie Whitehead
In attendance: Mary Ann Renton

1. Apologies were received from Liz Wolstenholme and Frank Taylor.

2 Minutes of the previous meeting
The Minutes of the meeting held on 16th September were accepted as an accurate record and duly signed by the Chair.

3 Matters arising - from the Minutes
3.1 Actions – all actions had been completed.
3.2 Report on Recruitment & Retention – Julie (Whitehead) reported back on a meeting she had attended via Zoom on Recruitment & Retention chaired by Mo Eccles. The session addressed the problems of falling membership which was already occurring pre-pandemic. The main speaker was Paul Martinez who has been instrumental in devising a Toolkit to address a wide range of issues around recruitment and retention. Paul has also been working with a number of pathfinder u3a’s around these issues. The Toolkit consists of 38 tools across 8 themes making it a very large document which is difficult to negotiate at first sight Paul suggested that the easiest way to make use of the Toolkit is via the annexe which has links to all the themes and tools. He emphasised that the tools are not prescriptive but offer guidance across a range of identified issues. The main issues identified are
• The importance of communication and keeping in touch with members.
• Loss of members after the first year possibly as a result of not being able to fit in with current members – solutions offered were buddying systems, follow up after 3 months, coffee mornings.
• Recruitment – should not just be the responsibility of the committee but all members should aid recruitment.
• Public perception of u3a – either not on the radar or perceived as being an organisation for old people.
• Interest groups – difficulty of recruiting group convenors. They are often seen as ‘teachers’ with all the responsibility of organising the group. A possible solution is to have members work in tandem to run
the group.
• Social media – Issues are a) an appropriate choice of platform an and individual u3a (for eg a Clitheroe u3a Facebook group) requires having an administrator (with its own set of potential problems); b) making use of an existing, local non-u3a platform to advertise a local u3a for which there may be a small charge.
• Websites – it was acknowledged that there general dissatisfaction with the limitations of the platform / systems recommended by the u3a. Paul reported that three of the pathfinder u3a’s have produce YouTube videos showing how they developed their websites which are available via the Toolkit.
• A new member’s pack is available which can be customised for use by local u3a’s though they can only be accessed via an authorised user.
Some issues that came from break out groups were: use of branded / promotional products (business cards / bookmarks), advertising in local press, problems with caring responsibilities which can limit a member’s participation, IT issues (lack of ability / access).
One aspect of recruitment that was discussed was the highlighting and targeting of particular groups eg going to workplaces and talking at pre- retirement courses. Another was the use of short courses and different ways to run interest groups.
The committee discussed ways of ensuring new members felt included; meeting and greeting new members, the wearing of badges or lanyards by committee members so as to identify themselves to new members.
Action: Robin to design a badge for committee members.
Action: The Post Lockdown Planning sub-committee chaired by Janet to look at the toolkit (annexe) with particular reference to the role of interest groups and group convenors, and the use of social media to ascertain if u3a Clitheroe can use it.
There was a suggestion that a student from one of the local colleges may be able to help with the adoption of social media platforms, possibly as part of a project.

4 Correspondence
Members had received various items of correspondence as itemised in the agenda.
Eileen further reported that she had received an email from the Secretary of u3a Burnley concerning the commencement of the Cluster Group meetings. These would resume in March 2022 with Burnley as the host.

5 Chairman’s Report
Alison had no items to report.

6 Treasurer’s Report
6.1 The accounts for September and October were presented (copy in the Minutes folder). The balance in the bank on 31st October was £3719.
6.2 Reserve accounts - Paul reported he had asked group convenors to bank any monies that they had collected but were holding on to into the u3a account but he would ring-fence them for the group’s use.
6.3 Forecast – Paul reported that the forecast (copy in Minutes folder) for monies in the account next April was £3800.

7 Membership Secretary’s Report
7.1 Monthly general meetings - members attending the October and November monthly meetings were 82 and 83 respectively.
7.2 Current membership is 374 (+ 22 suspended for 2021). Sadly one member had recently passed away.
7.3 2022 registration - David reported that he will no longer use the envelope system but will produce lists for names to be ticked off. He asked for volunteers to help with registration at the January meeting. It was suggested that committee members ask one person to help with this, including new members.
7.4 In order to cope with registration in January the doors would open at 1pm.
7.5 Distribution of Newsflash - David reported that he had circulated a document concerning the future distribution of Newsflash (item 13.3 of previous Minutes). There had been no negative responses. He had received one book of stamps so far and another person was happy to pick up a copy from the library or Platform Gallery rather than having it posted to them.
7.6 Assistance with membership – it was reported that help for David had been discussed at the Planning and Succession sub-committee and Julie (Whitehead) had agreed to shadow David during the coming year.
Action: Julie and David to meet to discuss how best to implement the above.
7.7 General meeting management – after some discussion it was agreed
• That Marjorie would carry on organising the Refreshment rota
• Julie (Whitehead) would take over the management of the Reception
and Meet & Greet rotas. Jacquie offered to help with this.
• New members could be asked to help on the rotas.

8 Programme Secretary’s Report
Roy reported that the programme was complete until June 2022 with the exception of an in-house speaker for the AGM in February.
Robin volunteered to talk about ‘Shoes’.

9 Group Convenor’s Report
9.1 Group Convenor’s Annual meeting – Philip presented his report. Since the meeting Kate Creig had offered to run the Poetry group and there is a possibility that the Painting group may be able to reconvene.
9.2 Timetabling issues – Philip reported that he had been working with Robin to resolve some timetable clashes.
9.3 Hire of rooms – The issue of supporting smaller groups which had difficulties in hiring rooms because of the cost was discussed. It was considered that some members may be discouraged in joining small groups because of higher costs and that consequently these groups may have difficulty carrying on. However with support some groups may be able to increase their membership and become more viable.
Decision*: That members’ contributions to the hire of venues be capped at £2 per session and that any shortfall would be met from central funds. Group convenors should ensure that room hire is appropriate to the size of their membership. This policy will be reviewed in May 2022.
9.4 Group convenors reports – Philip reported that in previous years he had produced a booklet of reports for the AGM. However as some of the groups had not been viable during the pandemic he intended to ask group convenors to submit a report to him and he would condense them into a document which could be sent out electronically with other AGM documents. He would have some hard copies available at the meeting.

10 Reports from sub committees
10.1 AGM Planning and Succession – Julie presented the Notes of the sub- committee to the meeting.
• Julie reported that under the new constitution there would be fewer committee members in line with Charity Commission recommendations
• Jonathan Pickup had agreed to be responsible for setting up IT at the monthly general meeting. Philip and Paul will support.
• Julie emphasised the need for a Chair, Treasurer and Secretary as the group cannot exist without these.
• It is recommended that the Groups Co-ordinator be a member of the committee. Philip reported that one member had expressed an interest.
• Julie also emphasised that voters at the AGM should be fully paid up members.
Decision: The draft constitution would not be sent out with the usual AGM documents but must be accessible to members. It will be put on the website, and also be made available to any member who wishes to have a copy, available from the Secretary. Details of how to obtain a copy would be published in the December and January Newflash. It would be sent out electronically to those with email addresses and hard copies can be ordered by ‘phone or mail from the Secretary to be collected at the January general meeting. Extra copies would also be available at the January and February meeting.

• Julie explained that new committee members would be elected under the current constitution and there are transitional arrangements documented in the proposed constitution.
• Julie will draft something to point out the main issues and changes.
• If there are insufficient nominations for post of Chair etc Alison will
remind members at the December meeting of the consequences of not having officers or committee members.

11 Reports from other meetings
Eileen reported that she had attended via Zoom the following two meetings
11.1 Charity Commission Annual Public meeting – this meeting was mainly relevant to larger charities which handle large sums of donations – the charity industry accounts for an income of £84bn. The main issues to come from the meeting for charities like u3a groups was the availability of 5 minute online guides on various aspects of running a charity and being a trustee. These are relatively easy to find on the Charity Commission website.
Also emphasised was the importance of trustee induction.
11.2 NW region peer to peer Secretaries meeting – 24 secretaries from the region attended to share experience and good practice. Issues covered included communication with members not online, digital training, growing the membership, handover of information at the end of a term of office and other matters. One of the important issues was the importance of trustee induction.
Action: Eileen will arrange an induction session for new trustees in March and asked for a volunteer to help arrange it. Details can be decided at the March 2022 meeting when the new committee is in place.

12 Special events
12.1 Winter Lunch – this will be held on 24th February at Foxfields. The cost for 2 courses plus tea and coffee is £23. Gill Russell (former NW Trustee) will speak on the Customs and Rituals of Japan. The event will be advertised in the December Newsflash. BACS payments to be encouraged.
12.2 Refreshment rota – Marjorie will sort this.
12.3 u3a Day – it was noted that the 2022 u3a Day coincides with the 40th anniversary of the launch of u3a.
Decision: To defer discussion of u3a day 2022 until January meeting 13 Publicity / Website / Newsflash

13.1 Publicity – Mary Ann reported that she would like to find someone with expertise in social media. This can be explored in the Post Lockdown Planning sub committee and ties in with Julie’s report on Recruitment and Retention.
13.2 Website – It was reported that Frank had made improvements to the website recently.
13.3 Newsflash
• Alison complimented Robin on the production
• Alison reported that the author of the obituary on Bill Hemingway had expressed concern it had been altered. Robin reported that because of various problems with formatting some wording had been omitted.
• The committee re-iterated the principle that mentions of a religious or political nature should be of a general nature eg an MP should be referred to as an MP rather than one belonging to a particular party.
• It was agreed that when mentioning the general or monthly meeting it should be referred to as the ‘monthly general meeting’ to avoid confusion.
• Robin requested that items for Newsflash be sent in sooner rather than later.
• Concern was expressed about the fact that the emails of group convenors mentioned in the Newsflash were openly available on a public website.
Action: Philip will alert group convenors who may wish to use another email address rather than their personal address.
• Robin reported that one of the biggest jobs in producing the Newsflash was having to reduce content because of the 5mb limit. It was suggested that it could be zipped or screenshots of images could be used.
Decision*: It was agreed that in future agenda items should be rotated as items placed at the end of the agenda were often rushed.
(Secretary’s note – items between 7 and 14 will be rotated at future meetings after the first 6 items on the agenda, as reports from Officers must be considered at each meeting.)

14 Any Other Business
14.1 List of venues – any information about possible venues for interest groups should be sent to the Secretary who will collate the list. Details should include location, cost, size and how many it can accommodate, accessibility issues.

15 Date of next meeting – 13th January 2022


Minutes of the u3a Clitheroe Committee Meeting held at Clitheroe Golf Club
16th September 2021

Present: Julie Bradshaw, Philip Bradshaw (Groups/IT Co-ordinator), Janet Elliott (Vice Chair), Paul Fisher (Treasurer), Roy Gonsalves (Programme Secretary), David Grimes (Membership Secretary), Alison Hoyle (Chair), Jacqui Melia, Eileen Narain (Business Secretary), Julie Whitehead, Liz Wolstenholme
In attendance: Mary-Ann Renton (Publicity), Frank Taylor (Webmaster) 1 Apologies were received from Gill Kilbey, Marjorie Taylor, Robin Taylor

2. Minutes of the previous meeting
The Minutes of the Meeting held on 16th July 2021 were accepted as an accurate record and duly signed by the Chair.
Alison thanked Julie for writing the Minutes in Eileen’s absence.

3. Matters arising from the Minutes
Most of the action points from the July meeting had been completed.
3.1 Printing costs (3.5) Paul had received and paid an invoice from Helen Bolton for £117 for 2 years’ worth of printing.
3.2 Asset register (6.2) Eileen and Paul will conduct this audit shortly.
3.3 New Members’ coffee morning (10.3) Some concern was expressed that members might think that the coffee morning was open to all rather than new members and group convenors. It was confirmed that invitations had gone out to prospective new members and group convenors only.
It was agreed that group convenors would be requested to let their members know that the coffee morning was for new and prospective members only.

3.4 Preparations for the general meeting on 12th October in St Mary’s Centre (5) The committee received the report from the Technical Group formed to look at the financial and technical implications of holding / recorded meetings, and to look at the logistics of holding face to face meetings.
• Eileen clarified that she no longer needed to liaise with Colin Wright at St Mary’s Centre over Covid requirements as the technical group had undertaken a comprehensive review of these with Colin. She would confirm the meeting would take place with Colin a couple of weeks before the date of the meeting.
• Frank explained that the arrangements sought to seek a balance of taking precautions but being welcoming.
• Start time for the meeting was confirmed as 2 pm in line with recent Zoom meetings. This would be highlighted in Newsflash and via groups.

• The working party will let David have all the necessary details of the arrangements for him to circulate to members.
• The working party will also prepare scripts for the various stewards.
• The working party had decided that a live stream was not necessary but that a recording
of the event would be put on YouTube for 2 weeks after being edited.
• It was agreed that the limit on numbers would be 96 members plus stewards. There will be no boards around the sides and tables only for the Membership Secretary and those
taking the register of members to allow for better circulation.
• David will provide sheets for the register.
• Details of the layout were agreed as set out in the document.
• Frank will liaise with ‘Fool’s Gold’ to inform them of the arrangements and check
technical details with them.
• Philip will prepare an overhead welcoming members back to the general meeting.
• Eileen and Liz volunteered to be ‘welcome’ stewards outside the front door.
• Janet agreed to be the counter.
• Other stewards will be needed in the main hall and outside the toilets.
• Other arrangements in the report were noted.
There was some discussion about the possibility that as winter progresses the government may impose further restrictions on numbers meeting or even a lockdown, particularly in view of rising cases. David had circulated a graph showing current cases compared with this time last year.
It was agreed that in such eventualities the committee would meet via Zoom within 48 hours of any announcements from the government.
Alison, on behalf of the committee, thanked the members of the working party for all their detailed and in-depth work. It was agreed that the working party should be ongoing for the foreseeable future to review arrangements for future meetings.

4. Correspondence
Members had received various items of correspondence as itemised in the agenda.
Eileen reported that she had received an invitation from the Charity Commission to their Annual Public Meeting which she had not circulated as it was an invitation for the named representative. She hoped to attend the meeting.

5. Chairman’s Report
Alison had no items to report.

6. Treasurer’s Report
6.1 The accounts for July and August were presented (copy in the Minutes folder). The balance in the bank on 31st August was £4062.
6.2 Forecast to end of year. Paul presented an updated forecast to the end of the year and asked the committee to consider how much to charge members in subscriptions in 2022. There was some discussion about whether the subscriptions should be increased.
Decision: The subscription for 2022 should remain at £10 per member. Paul will draft a statement for inclusion in Newsflash to the effect that the committee has agreed to keep subscriptions for 2022 at the current rate to reflect the probable increases in room hire for the various groups. However it is likely that subscriptions
for 2023 will revert to the £15 that was charged in 2019.

7. Membership Secretary’s Report
David presented his report and noted that 33 people had expressed an interest in joining u3a and had been invited to a coffee morning.
David also reported the death of Bill Hemingway and that John Hudson would be writing a short obituary in Newsflash as Bill was a current member.

8. Programme Secretary’s Report
Roy reported that the schedule of speakers was complete up to June 2022 with the exception of the AGM in February. A date for this has still to be decided. It is usual to have a speaker from within our membership at the AGM.
Action: Eileen to liaise with Colin at St Mary’s Centre to see is 8th February is available or whether the annual production will take place in 2022. The alternative date will be 1st February.
Janet gave Roy some names of members and others who might be available for presentations.

9. Group Convenor’s Report
Philip presented his report on resumption of group meetings to date. He expressed concern that some group convenors who had run groups for some time may wish to opt out. It may be that we need to encourage more groups to operate on a shared responsibility to reduce the load on group convenors.
Alison reported that she had been in touch with the Food & Wine and Walking group convenors
There are issues with groups which meet in members’ houses as this limits numbers and it may be difficult for new members to join. It was agreed that groups should not become clubs for limited numbers of people.
Jacqui expressed some concern over the walking groups with concern to Covid risk assessments and basic Health and Safety. Some of the Plodders group did not have email addresses or mobile phones and she was unable to send them the risk assessments.
David to send out the Covid risk assessment forms to the Plodders group who are not on email.
Philip will organise the annual Group Convenors’ meeting to discuss these and other matters
A meeting of the Walkers, Strollers and Plodders group convenors will be arranged prior to the main group convenors meeting to discuss risk assessment and health and safety issues.
There was some discussion about suitable venues for groups post Covid. It was considered that the community room at the fire station was no longer viable in terms of social distancing and ventilation. It was suggested that the Mutual room at St Mary’s Centre may be a suitable venue for Jacqui’s proposed short course on Fashion. Eileen will check with the library to see if they have any suitable rooms available.

10. Reports from sub-committees
There were no reports from sub-committees.
A sub committee was set up to make arrangements for the 2022 AGM. Members are Alison (Chairman), Paul (Treasurer) Julie Bradshaw, Eileen (Secretary) and Julie Whitehead if she is agreeable. (Julie had had to leave the meeting at 11.30 due to a prior engagement.)

11. Reports from other meetings
11.1 Post Lockdown Planning Group
This report had been held over from the previous meeting and had been circulated earlier. Janet reported that some of the recommendations had been completed and some were no longer applicable.
There had been ideas for new groups but there was a lack of volunteers to run these groups although a couple of members had offered to support a family history / genealogy group.

It was agreed that this was not the time to set up new groups as we need to concentrate on the resumption of existing groups but that we should revisit this in the new year.
Janet pointed out that members of Clitheroe u3a are entitled to join groups in our cluster u3as providing they contact the relevant group convenors to enquire about availability.

The committee was reminded of the general principle for u3a groups that if a group is full there should be a waiting list or second group set up. Meetings should take place in accessible places wherever possible.
Janet also reported that the provision of short courses / study groups appeared to be popular.

Philip reported that the planning group for Architecture had decided to experiment in 2022 with short series on a particular theme followed by a visit relevant to the theme rather than the previous format of 6 indoor sessions on single subjects with visits to a variety of places in the summer months.
Jacquie has offered to run a short course on Fashion and is currently looking for venues. The Mutual room at St Mary’s was suggested.
It was decided at this stage that the introduction of a separate short course co-ordinator may only complicate matters.

With regard to advertising and promotion it is considered that we may need a new venue for coffee mornings. Although the Meeting House is a very convenient venue there are issues with social distancing there. The committee had noted that Ann Kay had stepped down as the organiser of the coffee mornings. It was agreed that the organiser of the coffee mornings does not need to be a committee member, similarly with the organisation of refreshments for refreshments for general meetings.

Jenny Grimes and Mary-Ann had investigated setting up a u3a Facebook page. However the committee agreed that this could be a complicated matter and would require very close management.
Decision: u3a Clitheroe would not set up its own Facebook page.
It was agreed that consideration should be given to using community Facebook pages.

12. Special Events
The committee noted Marjorie’s report on the progress of arrangements for the new members coffee morning and the lunch at Ferrari’s and thanked Marjorie and her team for their hard work.
Liz asked for the numbers of committee members intending to attend the coffee morning in order for Gill to confirm catering numbers.
It was agreed that a Christmas lunch would be too soon after the Get Together lunch in September and a lunch in late February / early Spring would be preferable. Liz will convey this to Marjorie to see if the booking at Foxfields can be transferred to a date in the new year.

13. Publicity / website / newsletter
13.1 Publicity It has been reported above that Jenny and Mary-Ann had been investigating the possibility of a u3a Facebook but it had been agreed above that we should not have our own FB page. It was considered that the printed business cards that had been given out on u3a Day were very useful and we might consider ordering some more for distribution in libraries, noticeboards etc.
13.2 Website The committee noted that the Welcome page of the website had been updated and looked much brighter. Frank again re-iterated the importance of group convenors sending him up to date information about the groups.
13.3 Newsletter / Newsflash The committee received David’s paper on the future of Newsflash
• The current format of Newsflash will be used going forward.
• Copies will not be handed out at the general meetings
• Distribution will be mainly to those members who have an email address
• We will ask for a print run of 100 from Helen at RVBC for distribution to members
who do not have email addresses and for placing in libraries etc
Members who wish to receive Newsflash by post will be asked from the new year to contribute to the cost of postage by giving the Membership Secretary a book of 2nd class stamps.

14. Any other business
14.1 Future of coffee mornings. It was agreed that this will be held over to the January meeting with a view to starting up again in Spring as the take up in winter may be low due to weather conditions and the effects of the Covid.
14.2 Committee membership A large number of members of the committee will complete their terms of office in 2022. In this case we need to think about recruiting new members to join the committee.
Action: Alison and Eileen to draft something for Newsflash informing the membership that new members of the committee will be needed in February 2022, and inviting members to come to the November and January meetings as observers. We should emphasise that people who have expertise in the use of digital technology would be welcome.

15. Date of the next meeting: 11th November 2021


Minutes of the u3a Clitheroe Committee Meeting held at 10.00 am on 15th July 2021 via Zoom

Julie Bradshaw, Philip Bradshaw (Groups Co-ordinator/IT Co-ordinator), Janet Elliott (Vice Chairman), Paul Fisher (Treasurer), Roy Gonsalves (Programme Secretary), Jayne Graham, David Grimes (Membership Secretary), Alison Hoyle (Chairman), Jacqui Melia, Marjorie Taylor (Vice Chairman), Robin Taylor, (Newsletter Editor), Julie Whitehead, Liz Wolstenholme.
In attendance: Mary-Ann Renton (Publicity), Frank Taylor (Webmaster)

1. Apologies
Apologies were received from: Gill Kilbey and Eileen Narain

2. Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 13th May 2021
Julie Whitehead attended the above meeting, but this was not recorded on most copies of the Minutes.
With the above noted the Minutes were accepted as a correct record and will be duly signed by the Chairman.

3. Matters Arising from 13th May 2021
3.1 Contact with St Mary’s Centre
On the 17 June the Business Secretary circulated the Committee with a summary of the response received from Colin Wright, Caretaker at St Mary’s Centre, following a request for information regarding their Covid secure rules. A document entitled ‘Special Conditions of Hire during COVID-19’, was attached to the email. In essence the Centre’s regulations were in line with Government guidelines for Community/Leisure Centres and Theatres. Colin indicated that, as we prepare to return, he would liaise closely with us regarding any specific requirements if they continue to be needed.

A member on visiting the Centre noted 60 chairs set out suggesting they were accommodating this number of people, but it is not known who might be meeting there. The toilets were in use but not the kitchen.

The Groups Co-ordinator wrote to the Group Convenors asking if they would like to send any information about their Group’s intentions to Robin for inclusion in the Newsflash. No submissions were received.

Circle Dancing is working well with small groups of 8/9, and this will continue until October when it is planned that previous arrangements will resume. A Risk Assessment has been carried out and Track and Trace requirements are complied with.

3.2 Monthly Meetings
Information about forthcoming presentations was not included in the July Newsflash but will be included in future, subject to arrangements having been confirmed. In the August Issue there can be information about ‘Mother’s Ruin’ and the September presentation ‘Stupid Moments in History’.

3.3 The Garden Study Group
There has been no response to the request in the July Newsflash for additional help to lead the above group. Jenny Grimes may be willing to lead the Group even if no further help is offered and is currently considering what is involved.

3.4 Revision of the Constitution
On 18 May, Eileen and Julie (Bradshaw) attended a North West Region Seminar on the Model Constitution led by Sam Mauger, CEO. Sam was very clear that as few named Officers as possible should be included as if it is not possible to identify members to take on these roles the u3a would not be legally constituted. Committee members were therefore circulated with the proposal to amend the draft revised constitution to include only 1 Vice Chair. As there were no objections this proposal was carried.

The amended Constitution was submitted to the Third Age Trust (TAT) and all amendments have been agreed. This is a good outcome as some quite significant changes were proposed. The Trust has made a few minor procedural changes to their own wording regarding electronic meetings. The final version will be sent to the TAT and will be in Dropbox in September for the Committee Meeting. It will go to Members for approval at the AGM 2022 and if adopted a copy will be sent to the Third Age Trust and the Charity Commission. Difficulties are not expected as the TAT has been involved and approved the draft.
Action: Julie and Eileen to liaise regarding an insert in the September Newsflash to indicate that a revised constitution will be presented to the AGM and explaining why this is required.

3.5 Ribble Valley Borough Council Printing Costs
Costs have not yet been requested but there has still been no invoice received.
Action: The Treasurer to contact Helen Bolton to ascertain printing costs and how we can regularise payment.

4. Correspondence
The following correspondence had been circulated prior to the meeting:
• u3a Newsletter Express: 13.5.21
• u3a National Newsletters: May 2021 and June 2021
• North-West News Update: June 2021
• u3a Mailing: 4.6.21 – Advice, Volunteers Week and u3a Day
• AGM 2021 – Notification and Attendance
• North West Region Newsletter: July 2021
There were no matters arising from the Correspondence.

5. Chairman’s Report
Corona Virus issues were discussed under this item.
The Chairman expressed the hope that we make every effort to re-open as soon as possible even if this is in a limited way. Information in the July Newsletter indicated that the aim is to recommence face to face monthly meetings on 12 October and this seems to be a reasonable aim.

It was agreed that it is up to each member to make a personal decision about whether they wish to attend an activity and it is the duty of the u3a Committee and Group Convenors to provide sufficiently clear information about the precautions being taken so that individuals can make a wise decision that they feel comfortable with.

After a full and lengthy discussion when a wide variety of views were expressed and possibly more questions raised than answers, the following action was agreed:

• The Business Secretary to continue to liaise with Colin Wright regarding an update of requirements at St Mary’s Centre with a view to aiming for the first face to face monthly meeting in October.

• Updated advice from TAT to be obtained as this is produced. Current guidance from the TAT emphasises the continued importance of Risk Assessments and indicates that u3as can introduce a rule requiring each member to show on entry to an activity proof of vaccination or a clear covid test. This would be on the basis that there is a wish to minimise the possibility of transmission of infection in the age group (mainly 70+) and is therefore acceptable under equality legislation as long as the rule applies to all members. This may be difficult practically at monthly meetings but more feasible at Group Meetings.

• Further consideration as to whether the continued wearing of masks should be recommended for monthly meetings and noted in the Newsletter in September. There were very different views on this issue but organisations are permitted to make this requirement. There was the view that there may not be high compliance and that masks may not be particularly effective. However, the wearing of masks is a very strong signal that the pandemic is not over.

• No refreshments to be served at the first Meeting in October even if these are allowed as it will simplify planning and remove the main risk factor which is social interaction in a confined space. A speaker has not yet been identified as many people are unwilling to commit at present.

• The September Newsflash to include a clear statement of the action and protocols in place so that members can make their own decision on attendance.

• A Technical Group to be formed to look at the financial and technical implications of having hybrid meetings and/or recording meetings. This Group could also look at the logistics of holding face to face meetings including whether a Booking System is required if there is a limit on the number of attendees.

Action: Robin to co-ordinate this Group and convene an initial meeting to set parameters.
Membership to be: Jacqui, Paul, Robin, Roy, Frank.

6. Treasurer’s Report
The following information had been circulated prior to the meeting:
• Accounts for May and June 2021
• Relaunch Costs
• Forecast

6.1 Accounts for May and June 2021
The balance at the end of May was £7,454.70 and at the end of June £5.855.
Expenses were mainly linked to the u3a Day and TAT Membership.

6.2 Relaunch Costs
The Treasurer explained how decisions were made on the items which can be reused and so apportioning only a part of those costs to the u3a Day. The Budget for the u3a Day was overspent by £72.42 but it is considered that this was a good investment to raise the profile of u3a and to recruit more members.

It is hoped that the event can be repeated nex