We are all in this together - Local U3As

Clitheroe U3A now has a formal agreement with neighbouring U3As which will be beneficial to all as it allows us to attend each other's Meetings, Groups and Outings, subject to a few simple conditions as listed below. Please read these carefully. Our own U3A remains autonomous and self governing, as are all U3As.

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Burnley U3A

Longridge U3A

Todmorden U3A

Hyndburn U3A

West Pennine Villages

Details of General Meetings are usually under the "Events" or "News & Views" tabs and Group activities under the "Groups" tab

Agreement between the U3As of Burnley, Clitheroe, Longridge and Todmorden March 2015 (To be updated in September 2022 for the addition of West Pennine Villages)

Each of the U3As wishes to extend the range of provision available to its members through this reciprocal agreement:

• Each of the U3As would welcome any members of the other at monthly meetings. We would ask members to sign in as visitors and produce their local U3A membership card. There would be no charge for attendance.

• We would welcome members of any of the U3As at meetings of any special interest groups but would require them to get the agreement of the convenor of the group in advance of the meeting. This is because there could be limited numbers or other problems relating to size of venue, etc.

• If members of the interest group normally pay a fee for the session (eg for room hire, photocopying, etc) the visitor would also be expected to pay this fee.

• We would welcome members of other U3A groups to join us on organised outings and special events if there are surplus places after our own members’ requests have been met. The appropriate charge would be made.

• There would be no other financial implications.

• We would expect to supply each other with up to date details of U3A activities through shared newsletters and through our websites.