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The start of a new year saw yet another change in the ongoing story of the Covid Pandemic. Having begun meeting again face to face over the previous few months, The Omicron varient and the fresh wave of cases meant much of what we do switched back to meeting on Zoom for a time.

The evidence seems to be mounting that this wave will be short in duration and less serious in sickness, and some experts see it as a possible end of the pandemic. Time will tell!

However we now have to live with Covid, and are being flexible about meetings. We ask members to be sensible and to think of others, and to get tested if in doubt!

The 24th AGM, which was due on Tuesday 1st February, was postponed until Tuesday 12th April. This is because it would have had to be on zoom, and it would not be possible to ensure voting papers etc had reached all members in time(amongst other reasons). Meanwhile the Tues 1st February main meeting was contining as an ordinary meeting on Zoom, and Robin Taylor had more time to tell us about shoes!

Our interest groups are now continuing, with some on Zoom, but more still face to face. The committee decided that it is up to Group Convenors, in consultation with their members, to decide whether to meet face to face from February. This will also depend on the current guidelines of the venues they meet in.

We will keep our membership informed of any developments. The monthly NewsFlash will keep you up to date.

Please take care.
Frank Taylor
U3A Clitheroe Webmaster.

News from u3a clitheroe
Our Publicity Officer, Mary-Ann Renton, has sent out this update to local media.

After returning to Zoom in February, for a well attended and most interesting talk from a professional shoe designer of our own, Robin Taylor, in February, we hope to be back to a Face to Face meeting at St Mary’s Centre at 2pm on 8th March. The speaker will be Harold Hoggarth on ‘Carnforth to Clitheroe’ but he warns he will ‘ stray' further afield! This will be an illustrated talk. Come and join us if you can- visitors are welcome and you can see if this might be for you..

Life is becoming more ‘normal’ and the u3a will have held its special event lunch at Foxfields on 24th February with an after lunch speaker Gill Russell on living in Japan. Many of the interest groups are now meeting in person, instead of ‘Zoom” and even planning trips out! September will also see special celebrations for the national u3a movements 40years since it all started - we are making plans… possible picnic in Castle Grounds so watch this space and come and join us!

Mary-Ann Renton
Publicity Office

u3a Clitheroe Annual General Meeting 2022
Notice is hereby given of the 24th Annual General Meeting of U3A Clitheroe
to be held at 14.00 on Tuesday 12th April 2022.

(This AGM has been delayed from February)

Documents relating to the AGM can be found via the links at above right.

The Agenda for the 24th AGM.
The minutes of the previous AGM in February 2021.
The financial report from our Treasurer.
The report from our Chairman, looking at the year just past.
The draft new constitution, to be discussed and accepted at the AGM.
The report from the Group Coordinator

u3a Clitheroe Membership Renewal 2022
The plan was for this to take place at the meeting on Tuesday January 1st at St Mary’s Church Hall. However disruption by the Omicron wave of the Covid-19 pandemic means that we must go back to what happened in 2021.
As in 2021 the membership fee for the year 2022 will be £10 per person. There will be just two methods of payment, by Bank Transfer, and by cheque posted to the membership secretary. For more details click here U3A 2022 Renewal Details.

Refreshments at Main meetings
Now that main meetings are beginning to be held face to face, (though not in January 2022, and probably not in February), there is a new Refreshments Rota listing the Groups who will provide volunteers to help. Click this link Refreshment Team Rota 2022.

Hydrogen, fuel of the future?
On 20th October the Scientific Enlightenment group learnt about the pluses and minuses of using more Hydrogen as a fuel. This is much in the news at the moment. David Grimes has produced a succinct summary of this - well worth reading! See the link at the top right of this page.

u3a Day time and place
During the first week of June, u3a groups throughout the celebrated u3a day, to publicise the wonderful things the organisation does, and to inform and invite people to find out more and consider joining their local u3a.

Here in Clitheroe, we could be found on a stall in the Market Place on Saturday 5th June, with people to talk to, lots of information, and a mass of colourful flags and banners! Thank you to all the team who planned, set up, and staffed the stall. And of course the weather was perfect!

Clitheroe U3A Day 1Clitheroe U3A Day 2Clitheroe U3A Day 3Clitheroe U3A Day 4

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