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Important News 1

Wednesday 5th August.

Back in March as the country went into lockdown the decision was made to suspend all U3A activities for the time being. Given the susceptibility due to age of many members, this was undoubtably a wise decision.

Now at the beginning of August we have been reassessing the situation, in the light of current concerns, government and U3A National guidelines, and of course a good dollop of common sense.

The U3A committee have decided the following.

1. Face to face meetings, whether in homes, groups or at St Mary’s Hall, will not be viable in the near future, and there are also difficulties with visits and outings due to transport and toilet closure issues. This may well continue until January, and possibly beyond.

2. HOWEVER, Clitheroe U3A is still active, and there has been a growing use of email and Zoom technology helping to keep people in touch.

3. From September, we plan to restart as much of our activities online as possible, in particular through the use of the Zoom programme. Zoom is an application that enables people to meet and relate visually online. Many members will already use this, together with FaceTime and Skype, to keep in touch with family and friends.

4. During August many of our Group Convenors are being taught and encouraged to become familiar with Zoom, and to begin preparing their groups to use this means of communication. Our U3A has bought a professional version, that enables up to 100 people to join, though most meetings will be much smaller. In particular we are training people how to show presentations, give talks, hold discussions and play music.

5. The minority of our members who are not online, or not confident using these type of resources, will be encouraged to “buddy-up” with another member of their group, meeting with them in their homes, with appropriate safeguards.

6. We are hoping that come September, many of our groups will be meeting online, on their normal day and time. On the 8th September, at 2pm, we will have a first online main meeting, at which Paul Fisher will give us an illustrated talk on the artist Picasso.

7. These are unusual times, which need unusual solutions. Please contact your Group Convenors to both find out about, and to contribute to this new way of meeting.

There will be further updates later into the Autumn, and members will also be contacted directly about developing plans.

Please take care.
Frank Taylor
U3A Clitheroe Webmaster.

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U3A Interest Groups
All our interest groups have been closed down since March, and not meeting in person, but from September 2020 many of the groups will be restarting online. However they will also be posting interesting items, useful links and quizzes and puzzles on their Group Page of this Website. Please go to the Groups Page above and follow through for more information.

U3A Main meetings
Our monthly main meetings in St. Mary's Hall have been cancelled for the coming months. From September they will restart online using the Zoom application. On October 13th we will have a presentation on The National Trust, led by Philip Bradshaw.