Climate Change Network


This website aims to act as an information point for all U3A Interest Groups within the UK which are concerned with the various aspects of Climate Change, Sustainability, the Environment, Renewable Energy or Recycling.

There is now unequivocal scientific evidence that we are in a climate emergency.The United Nations, at the Paris Agreement in 2015 agreed that there is indeed an emergency and that we must keep the rise in emissions to below 1.5C. The British government has signed up to this and will host COP 26 in November 2021.

Countdown to COP 26 – Help Needed

How you can get involved:
Do you have an interesting ‘climate story’? Are there changes that you can talk about that have happened during your lifetime? If so, we would love to hear from you! A group of u3a members will take part in two events in Glasgow, on 5th and 9th November. These events will form part of the ‘fringe’ of the COP 26 Climate Conference and will have a strong intergenerational flavour.

Intergenerational climate understanding:
Most people are familiar with Greta Thunberg; without the support of her family, Greta would be unlikely to be so well-known. Are there ‘Young Gretas’ in your family? Would you be interested in going along to our events in Glasgow, possibly as an intergenerational group, to share with other people how you and your family are responding to the Climate Emergency.

Podcast: To get a flavour of what we are looking for, visit the Podcast Interview with Frank Dorr and Eileen Lynch.

If you are answering ‘Yes’ to any of these questions and would like to be involved, please contact Brenda Ainsley at, quoting ‘Glasgow’ in the subject line, for further details. Do feel free to share this across your u3a networks.


U3A is addressing the climate change debate in a number of ways, locally and nationally.

  • At a local level, U3A interest groups are discussing issues that are attracting global attention.
  • The national magazine, Third Age Matters, is now delivered in a fully recyclable wrapper (from April 2020).
  • Various Study Days, Talks and Conferences , mainly on Zoom following the coronavirus crisis.