Climate Change Network


This website aims to act as an information point for all U3A Interest Groups within the UK which are concerned with the various aspects of Climate Change, Sustainability, the Environment, Renewable Energy or Recycling.

There is now unequivocal scientific evidence that we are in a climate emergency. The United Nations, at the Paris Agreement in 2015 agreed that there is indeed an emergency and that we must keep the rise in emissions to below 1.5C. The British government hosted COP26 in November 2021.

U3A is addressing the climate change debate in a number of ways, locally and nationally.

  • At a local level, u3a interest groups are learning about the many issues that are attracting global attention.
  • National talks have taken place and more are planned - see Events for upcoming talks
  • u3a members ran 4 workshops at COP26 in Glasgow in November 2021
  • The board of the Third Age Trust has held a workshop on environmental issues, in response to enquiries about whether the Trust or other u3as have environmental or sustainability policies. A working group has been set up to take this forward.

For both new and existing groups, we provide a Tool Kit and a Resources section to help by providing all sorts of information that groups might find useful. This has been put together by a group of volunteers from various u3a groups around the country, and is taken from a wide range of sources. Please note that, as at May 2022, these are still being developed.

For further information contact the Subject Adviser

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