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UK Policies 2019-2020

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This is a round-up of relevant declarations of intent and may be useful if you wish to follow up with your elected representative on progress to date

May 2019 Declared an Environmental and Climate Emergency (this was Parliament, not the Government)

UK Parliament declares climate change emergency - BBC News

June 2019 Net Zero Emissions Law Passed

November 2019 Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) development halted (not banned)

Fracking halted in England in major government U-turn Fracking The Guardian

February 2020 Phasing out of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030 (hybrid by 2035)

Petrol and diesel car sales ban brought forward to 2035 - BBC News

February 2020 Heathrow expansion declared unlawful

Judgement overturned by Supreme Court - December 2020

Court of Appeal declares Heathrow airport expansion unlawful, as it did not account for the UK commitments to the Paris Agreement – 27 Feb 2020

Judgement overturned by the Supreme Court - 16 Dec 2020[3]

March 2020 Ban lifted on Onshore Wind Farm subsidies

Government lifts ban on onshore wind power financing, 4 years after ending support for new projects

UK Policy 2020-2021

September 2020 Commitment to protect 30% of land in the UK

November 2020 Ten point plan for a Green Industrial Revolution

Boris Johnson announces 10-point green plan with 250,000 jobs Green politics The Guardian

December 2020 Increased commitment to reduction of emissions by at least 68% by 2030

December 2020 End of direct government support for the overseas fossil fuel sector announced (no date set)

UK Pledges an End to Financing for Overseas Fossil Fuel Projects Earth.Org - Past Present | Future

February 2021 The Dasgupta review ‘The Economics of Biodiversity’ published

July 2021

Environment and Climate Change Committee: government/

The All Party Parliamentary Environment Group:

The Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee:

November 2021 Hosting COP26 in Glasgow

Here are links to examples of Environmental Policies from other UK political parties

Green Party

Manifesto summary 2019

Full manifesto

Labour Party

briefing paper (2019) - Decarbonising UK Energy by 2030

Liberal Democrat Party



Scottish National Party

List of topics

Example: renewable and Low Carbon energy

Why governments should prioritise wellbeing

(For context and further information, an article on New Zealand ‘Wellbeing budget’

You might also want to check out the website of groups and organisations such as the WI, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, Extinction Rebellion etc.