Climate Change Network


Thoughts are now turning to COP27 to be held in November 2022. The very successful Trust U3a group has been renamed "Countdown to COP27".

To join this group you need to join Trust u3a. If you are new to the u3a, this will cost you £10 per annum. If you already belong to your local u3a, the cost is £5. You can then sign up to Countdown to COP27 and they will get in touch with you.

To contact one of the Group Leaders, click on the link for Brenda Ainsley or Lorna Brown

June 2022

24th June: Professor Mike-Berners-Lee (author of 'How Bad Are Bananas?' and 'There is no Planet B') will discuss the climate crisis and what we can do to solve it. Click on the link to register. Talk by Mike Berners-Lee

30th June: Group get-together in Regent's Park, 12.00 - 4.00pm

May 2022

How to reduce your carbon footprint – and your energy bills
If you missed - or would like to hear again - the panel discussion on 11th May, the recording will be published here shortly. U3a members talked about their experiences of improving their insulation, installing a heat pump, fitting solar panels and buying an e-bike.
Speakers were:

  • Nick Ward: Heat pump (2022)
  • Kate Bailey: Insulation (2022)
  • Clive Teague: Electric Bike (2021)
  • John Ainsley: PV panels (2021)

Panel Powerpoint Presentation - slides

April 2022

Monthly Meeting

Group News

After watching the film 'We The Power' (about Community Energy Programmes) members discussed the film - here is the recording and the chat, which includes some useful links.

Post film discussion
Chat We the Power

Plots for Kilowatts - Community Power 'dating scheme' from Octopus to put local groups and landowners together to set up onshore win generation. Octopus is urging landowners to register interest in onshore wind turbines for a new energy scheme.

March 2022

Monthly Meeting

Group News

  • Members of this group ran Climate Change workshops for Board Trustees and National Office Staff in Milton Keynes and then as a follow-up online.
  • Barbara Cordina (Trustee and member of this group) has been asked to Chair a u3a working party to look at the u3a's approach to Climate Change. Catherine Budgett-Meakin, supported by Neil Deuchar, will serve on that group.
  • There is a great little snippet here from COP26, when Ann MacGarry (wearing a red jacket) arrived in Glasgow (about 5 mins in): Ann McGarry at COP26
  • Croydon u3a has published a Commitment to the Environment. Click on the link on the right to see a copy. For a Word version contact the Subject Adviser.

February 2022

Monthly Meeting

Other links

Do something brilliant today This new u3a film features the Countdown to COP27 group.

Stories from members as submitted to Third Age Matters. For the published articles, see the links to TAM on the right.

Intergenerational Climate Action:
Podcast Interview with octogenarians Frank Dorr and Eileen Lynch. The group continues to explore how 'elders' and 'third agers' can support younger people as they pick up the baton on climate change.

The 11 slides that finally convinced Boris Johnson about global warming and The actual slides

January 2022

Monthly Meeting

Oxford Martin video 1